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Cleveland Cavaliers

All-Star "Weak"end

By admin Published: February 17, 2006

Houston -- I've made it to the All-Star festivities, yee haw.  This is my third All-Star Game and really the fun is off it.  It is rather cool for about 15 minutes, but in all honestly I don't see why this event is so popular.  After a few dunks and steals in the game, it just seems somewhat boring to me.  More about personalities and celebrities than the actual game.  There will surely be some great fodder to come out of today's media session.

Then there's "All-Star Saturday" and whole production that has become.  When I was a kid, I remember being excited about watching the 3-point and dunk contests.  That was when Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins were going toe-to-toe and Larry Bird was winning the 3-point contest on the last shot.  Honestly, now I can't see why a viewer would want to watch All-Star Saturday night.  I just can't understand why so many people were upset when LeBron James declined doing the dunk contest again.  I mean Brent Barry won this title a few years ago.  Nothing against Brent Barry, but, heck, he's not even close to Harold Miner on the excitement scale.  Why would LeBron want to measure his dunks against Hakim Warrick?  I mean, seriously, get over it.  Now, I've never actually watched the Skills Challenge, so I'll get back to you on that.

Anyway, at the break the Cavs are 31-21, which is the same record they had at this time last season.  Of course, last season's team folded.  I don't exactly see the same track for this team, but you never know.  An injury in a key spot could devastate them in the current position they're in.  But they have an eight-game lead over the last playoff spot and 18 of their last 30 games are against teams with losing records so I think everything is lined up for them really.  Plus on the George Karl scale (combining home losses with road wins) the Cavs are a pretty good +5.  More on all that stuff later.

As for trade possibilities, right now I think this story sums up everything.   I'd put their chances at making a deal before the Feb. 23 deadline at about 40 percent as of this moment.  Also, cease with the Latrell Sprewell e-mails, it isn't going to happen and if I have to expound why then I'm disappointed in this blog's readership.

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