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Cleveland Cavaliers

An October Saturday at the Bradley Center

By admin Published: October 16, 2005

Nothing like a second night of a preseason back-to-back sans LeBron to incite a little boredom.  So how did the Cavs kill the time before they played a meaningless game Saturday?  They watched football, of course.

Well, let me correct that.  They illegally watched football.  In the locker room before the game they were supposed to be watching game film of a previous Bucks preseason game.  But someone, ahem, I don't remember who, turned the channel to the Notre Dame-USC game.

Eric Snow was depressed his Michigan State Spartans couldn't close the deal against Ohio State.  I pointed out it's hard for Sparty to win when they are bound and determined to play 10 against 11.  As I explained to Mr. Snow, it is hard to imagine anyone from Michigan could count that high so the blocked field goal was bound to happen at some point.

At least Eric was getting ready for the game.  When Mike Brown came back in from getting dressed and saw the game film was off, he found Damon Jones sitting in a chair in front of the TV just as Notre Dame scored the go ahead touchdown.

Jones, you see, just sits there in his street clothes and chills out before the game instead of taking extra shooting.  His reason for this is he feels he only has so many makes in a one night, so why waste them in warmups.  I actually agree with this philosophy, somewhat.  It was Orlando Cepeda, I believe, who threw away a bat each time he got a hit because, well, you don't know how many hits are in a bat, and what if it's just one.

However, I have already learned that Damon often is, ahem, full of it.  Not sure if this passes the smell test.  But shooters, like left-handed pitchers, are often eccentric, so I'll let him be.  Anyway, Brown lets Damon off the hook and never finds the real culprit and I'm not going to give him up now.

So the players just have to sneak out to watch the TVs in the hall to the court, which is what the media did.   Luke Jackson seems to be the only one rooting for USC, which we dismiss as West Coast idiocy, er, bias.  Then, he was the only one happy with the wacky result.  Why is no one pointing out that after the fumble the ball shouldn't been on the 3 or 4 not the 1!

The game stunk, but veteran ref Jess Kersey made it fun for those of us at the press table.
When left coaster Luke Jackson questioned a call, Jess informed him he'd had two hands on the offensive player, a no-no.  "Maybe I was seeing double.  Maybe it was one and I saw two," Kersey said.  "If it was two then I guess I should've seen three hands."

Me: No, actually that would be four.

Best was when Zendon Hamilton complained about a foul.  Apparently, he didn't think it was called.  Said Kers: "He fouled you, I called it, now you're going to shoot two free throws, what the hell are you bitching about."

Jess, we're all just killing time until November.

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