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Arenas will play tonight

By admin Published: April 21, 2008

Just got back from the Cavs and Wizards shootarounds. Gilbert Arenas had his right wrist wrapped but he didn't seem to be showing any ill effects from spraining it on Saturday. In fact he was taking bets from teammates while shooting one-handed shots from halfcourt and his routine 30-footers. However, based on what I saw I do not expect him to start.
Wizards coach Eddie Jordan said tonight is the most important game of the series...for the Cavs. Part of the Wizards' confidence? Well, yes. But he's not wrong, if the Wiz head home with the series tied 1-1 then they have done their job. They are certainly were still a very loose and confident bunch this morning, it seemed like they were getting ready for a regular season game in January or something.
As for the Cavs, the starting lineup will remain the same with Wally Szczerbiak starting at shooting guard. From what I understand, the Wizards are looking to exploit this matchup and will likely be trying to get Caron Butler going early against Wally.
By the way, tonight's officials are Dan Crawford, Mark Wunderlich and Rodney Mott. Again, like game one, these are three rock guys. Especially Crawford, he is unwavering as a crew chief. Wunderlich also acts as a crew chief during the regular season and Mott is an unemotional and stonefaced official who is generally no nonsense. I expect both Jordan and Mike Brown to be working then tonight regarding LeBron James.

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