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Arrival frustration

By admin Published: February 5, 2006

This is a term I have invented for the five or six times per season I arrive in a town for a road game and absolutely nothing goes according to plan due to the following: 1) moronic tourists; 2) moronic airline/car rental/hotel employees; 3) the entire setup in the NY/NJ metro area. This usually leads me to: 1) grind my teeth; 2) curse profusely; 3) openly mock the situation to complete strangers with sarcasm only to have it completely fly over their heads (see moronic tourist entry).

This, however, has nothing to do with the lessor known and more rare "arrival amusement," which happens when one is suffering arrival frustration and I witness and laugh at their situation.  Most recently, there was the guy in Denver who was still holding on his suitcase by the handle from the curb as the rental car guy shoved it into a rack on the rental bus, pile-driving the guy teeth first into the steps.  Also on Thursday when News-Herald's Bob Finnan shook his fist at car rental employee to tell them the car he was given only had a half tank of gas and was informed that he was looking at the temperature gauge.

Which bring us to the events of yesterday, when I invented the term of "departure frustration."

So, let me say that I didn't arrive at THE Q, this is way I've been instructed to refer to it, until there were 10 minutes to play in the Cavs loss to the 76ers Saturday.   Could never tell by my insightful story, eh?  OK, it is rubbish, read my Sunday Column it is better.

My idea was to stay an extra day in Florida, not a bad idea in February, right?  So I hung out in South Florida on Friday and it stormed the entire day, flooding the streets of South Beach.  No, the models didn't float, sickos.  So I show up at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport Saturday while it is still raining.  My is that a wonderfully run and constructed facility let me tell you.  Apparently,  when it rains, which it apparently never does in Florida the way this was handled, only one runway can be used.  Note from photo, several exsist.  My 1 p.m. flight didn't board until 4:30 (the plane was there much of the time but there was no gate for it) and I took off at 6:30 and it wasn't even raining anymore!  There's nothing like tarmac time to unwind.  We landed in a blizzard, nearly ran out of runway, at 8:45 yet I was in the arena by 9:15.  Props please!

What, you want to read about the Cavs?  Tough, this is part of my therapy.

From what I saw, there were thinking about how they're all going to go to Detroit for the Super Bowl instead of playing the 76ers.  Also, a week after Mike Brown did a great job of coaching in the over over the Suns, he fell flat.  Why oh why do those Cavs chuck up 3 after 3 when they have guys that can drive and the second-best post center in NBA?  I don't have answers, but I will keep asking the questions.  Also, anyone notice Donyell Marshall played 54 seconds in the second half?  There are issues at power forward over playing time as I mention in Sunday Column (above).

In parting, while trapped on the Continental Airlines 737 for hours, I watched this movie called Proof.  It was average, but I couldn't help speculating that Jake Gyllenhaal has got to be the only actor to have filmed sex scenes with Jennifer Aniston, Gwyn Paltrow and Heath Ledger.

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