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Byron Scott happy to be reunited with Baron Davis

By Jason Lloyd Published: February 24, 2011

Byron Scott on reuniting with Baron Davis:
"Baron and I talked last year in pre-season. He told me he wrote a letter that he wanted to send me but he said I was there in person. He just wanted to tell me his feelings and from that point on we've been great. I'm looking forward to having him here. I think you guys know the type of talent he has from the point guard position. He can definitely elevate our basketball team and make us better. I haven't spoken to him as of yet. probably when i'm done with you guys i'll go in and try to give him a call and see where his head is. But I'm excited about it. Our organization is excited. We're ready to get started."

What did Baron say to you during the preseason game?:
"To be honest he wanted to really kind of apologize for some of the things that happened in New Orleans. He felt that he understood now that I was just trying ot make him a better basketball player. As you guy might not know, I can be tough on guys at times. I don't think he accepted it at that particular time, but he's said he's matured and like I said, it's water under the bridge. We let it go and our relationship has been very good ever since."

Will Baron start?:
"Not right away. We've got a lot of stuff that we have to get him going through. The one thing about Baron, he's a very, very intelligent basketball player. His IQ is off the charts when it comes to basketball. So I dont think it will take him long, but right now the way Sess has been playing, I don't see no reason to bring him in right away and throw him in the fire. Sess has done a real good job."

Were you surprised by Baron's apology?:
"I was very touched, to the point where I got on the bus, I was speechless. My wife was sitting next to me and I was like, 'Wow. I can't believe that he came to me and apologized for everyting and said some of the things he said. Gave me a big hug and said I love you and thank you for everything. I was shocked by it. But like I said from that point on the relationship has been very good."

More on Baron:
"When Baron is Baron, when he wants to play, he’s one of the top point guards in this league talent-wise. There’s no doubt about that."

How do you always make sure he wants to play:
"We’ve got a good understanding. He knows me. I think the thing right now that helps him and myself is we know each other. He knows me from New Orleans. I’m a no-nonsense guy, I want him to go out and play at his best, which I know he can, and I know he can help us win games. From that standpoint alone, we’ve got a good relationship on and off the court. I’m excited about it and waiting for him to get here."

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