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Byron Scott post practice quotes

By Jason Lloyd Published: September 29, 2010

On how the guys bounced back after Tuesday's hard practice:
"You can tell some guys are a little sore. The first thing is guys get a chance to see what you'll do that day in practice. They thought it was going to be relatively hard like yesterday. It was pretty intense. Guys tried to fight through as best they could, but you could tell guys were a little sore today. That's usual. I wasn't worried about it. We'll pick it up again tomorrow."

On concern over being last in the league in free throws last season:
"Not really. All the teams I've had have been in the top five or 10 in free-throw percentage, so I'm not so worried about it. I think we have a pretty good method as far as making free throws on a consistent basis. Guys are rewarded for being good free-throw shooters. Guys who are not have to do more work. It's nothing that concerns me now, but we haven't even played a game yet."

On whether or not the Cavs need another big:
"I don't know yet. I think the guys we have are doing a pretty good job. And again, it's all things we have to think about because we're just going against each other. Until we get a chance to see us live against someone else, I think we can get a better perspective of what we need and what we're missing. What we're lacking in size we have in speed, so that's the way we want to play. Right now I feel comfortable where we are."

On JJ Hickson:
"He'll probably play all positions in that front line. It kind of depends on who we play and what size they have. The one thing about JJ from a defensive standpoint, I think he can guard 4s, 5s and I think he can guard some 3s. He's one of those guys that is very versatile that I can put out there in a bunch of situations. And I think he'll be OK."

On whether or not he's committed to playing JJ big minutes:
"I'm committed on him playing hard. I'm committed on him giving me what I need on both ends of the floor. Am I going to commit to him playing a lot of minutes? No, but do I think he will? Yeah. I think he's going to have an opportunity this year to really shine and be one of the most improved players in the league."

Make mistake, not play through it:
"My philosophy has always been when guys make a mistake, talk through it a little bit while they're on the court during the time where it's a dead ball. Where I take them out is normally after they've done something that's positive. That's how I try to approach it. Someitmes if that positive hasn't come for a few minutes, it might be time for them to come out anyway. Once they come out, I'll remind them of some of the things they did on the defensive end, but I'll also go right back to the things they just did well. I don't want a player to ever have to look over to the bench because they make a mistake, I want guys who will continue to play."

JJ summer league:
"Obviously the first thing is he's improved his mid-range game. Being able to put the ball on the floor and shoot the ball off the dribble. He's been able to post up, catch and face up and be able to shoot that shot. That's something I haven't seen him do. When we talked about the summer league, that's one of the things we talked about with JJ. He came to me and said coach I can do a lot more. Obviously he has a lot of confidence in his ability, so I wanted to see it in summer league. He's shown me he can do a lot more, so obviously we're going to depend on him to do those things when the season starts."

On what he likes about Ramon Sessions:
"His quickness. The way he sees the floor. He did some things today in our scrimmage that was fantastic. Getting to the basket, he had three or four layups today. He had JJ on a transition basket that nobody probably could've seen for a layup. He has a very good presence on the floor. He understands the game extremely well. I love what I've seen from Ramon so far on the offensive end. On the defensive end there are still some things we have to work on because the terminology is different. But right now he's doing a heck of a job."

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