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Cleveland Cavaliers

Byron Scott post-scrimmage notes

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 1, 2010

Overall impression of scrimmage:

We've got a game in a few days and we still have some guys making the same mistakes they made day one. We have to clean that up a little bit more. Like I told them, I'm very simple. You have to play hard as hell for me and you have to defend every single night, but you have to understand what we're doing on the offensive end. We got a few more days to work on it before our first game and we're definitely going to get better at it.

On how hard it is to assess the team with three key players missing:

It still gives you a pretty good idea. Obviously when the top three come back you're a much better basketball team. in their absence, we get a chance to look at some guys a little closer. It's a good use of time for us right now and we have to keep using it until those guys are ready to go.

On Antawn's knee:

It's really precautionary just to give him a couple of days off. I've got tendinitis. All of us have that play this game. The more time we can give him off right now and get the treatment right now, I'm not worried about him coming back.

Missed this am:

I told him this morning I wanted him to take a couple of days off. Let's see Sunday get back into a practice, see how he feels Monday and evaluate him for Tuesday's game.

Our biggest problem right now on the offensive end is we're still thinking too much. We're not just playing and reacting. But I really expected that. When you're putting in a whole new system, you've got a lot of guys right now trying to think about doing the right thing. It'll just take us some time before we're just playing and reacting to the defense. Right now you can see guys are a little hesitant. You've got about eight or nine who really have a good feel for what we're doing and the other half are really not there yet. It's a matter of getting those other guys up to speed.

On Sessions and Gibson

Ramon is pretty comfortable, as is Boobie. The one thing about both teams they had good leaders and both of thoswe guys are comfortable in what we're doing. And they're two of the guys who have a real good grasp in what we're doing right now.

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