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Byron Scott's Thursday post-practice quotes

By Jason Lloyd Published: September 30, 2010

Opening thoughts:
Third day was probably our best practice as far as really getting up and down. Intensity was much better. It probably was brought out because I showed them a tape of things we were doing and I did not consider it to be the type of running that we need to do. Just those guys seeing it I thought made them come out here today with a much better effort during practice. I could also tell they were a little tired and fatigued, but they got through it and it was a good day.

What kind of tape was it?
Tape of yesterday's practice on our transition and what we call a shell drill. I thought they were trying, but the effort could be much better. I just pointed that out to them and let them know if we don't put together every day on the floor maximum effort as far as getting back and protecting our paint and not giving up layups and open jump shots. it's going to be a tough season. If we continue to do that and get better at that, we have a chance to be pretty good.

What do you want to get out of scrimmage tomorrow?
Continuation of guys putting out that effort of really getting back in transition, really do a better job of limiting our turnovers. Offensively we're still a work in progress, obviously. We still have a lot to learn and a long way to go. But I think the guys are starting to get a little of what we're trying to do. Transition offense is a little ahead because you don't have to think a whole lot. It's really just run as hard as you can to try to get to open areas. From an offensive standpoint, we're just going to try and work on some of the things we've been working on the last few days and see if we can continue to build on that.

Do you want to run like the Suns?
We're not built like that yet where we're going to be running like the Phoenix Suns. I just want us to run a little bit like we did in New Orleans with Chris Paul his first two years. I thought his third and fourth year we didn't run as much because we made some changes and we didn't have the personnel to get up and down the floor like I wanted to. But the first couple of years in the league, we had a pretty athletic team. We were a small team so we had to run. That's where I want to get this team, where we're really looking to take advantage of every situation we have once the ball is missed or once we get a turnover. We want to capitalize on the other end.

You said yet. Do you want to get to the point of running like the Suns?
Not necessarily. I put a lot more onus on the defensive end than that. I still want to be a running team and look to be aggressive from 94 feet on in, but I don't want to get helter skelter. I don't want to get to the point where we're trying to average 120 points a game. I just want to get us to the point where consistenly we're getting up and down the floor and putting pressure on the defense.

What is the point guard's role on a running team?
It's very important. You have to have a point guard that understands how to push it, when to push it, decision making obviously has to be very good. I know Mo can do it, I've seen him do it before. I know Ramon can do it. Boobie is showing me that he can definitely do it. I think he has to get more comfortable and have more reps as far as playing that position, but I feel pretty comfortable he can do it as well. It's just a matter of repitition right now.

Do you want to see Antawn and JJ together tomorrow night?
It could be. I really want to get these guys to where they feel a little bit more comfortable in the offense before I start putting different combinations out there. So right now I'm going to try and stick with certain groups. The red team runs the offense a little better and that's probably because they have more veterans on that team. The second guys that I have run it OK and the third guys need a lot of work. We've got different levels we're trying to get to and we're trying to get everybody on the same page.

Regular starters tomorrow or everyone mixed up?:
Everybody will be all mixed up. It'll be two teams, but we might play a quarter and then switch some jerseys around. Just so I can get a look at some guys out there playing with one another. I'm not going to just stick to one team.

Fans first look at new team, do you want to put on a good show or is it just practice?
It's a little bit of both. Obviously I'm sure they're probably curious to what the team looks like and what we've been working on. I'm sure the fans want to see a good show and they want to see what this new-look Cav team is all about. The biggest thing for us tomorrow is to go out and play extremely hard and be extremely competitive against one another.

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