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Cleveland Cavaliers

Can they win it all? Why not?

By admin Published: June 6, 2007

San Antonio -- So are the Cavs just happy to be here in the NBA Finals?  Well, let's see, when the Spurs finished practice today at the AT&T Center, they did their media interviews and left.  When the Cavs were ushered onto the arena floor, Ira Newble and Donyell Marshall were shooting video, Damon Jones was walking around sporting a Li Ning hat to get on camera, Anderson Varejao was wearing sunglasses, and athletic trainer Max Benton was taking pictures of everybody taking pictures.  So, in a word, yes.

Only one guy on the Cavs has been here before, Eric Snow, so of course they are taking in the scene and having a good time.  No doubt this will be interpreted as they think they've already accomplished their goal by some.  Whatever, as Zydrunas Ilgauskas said this week, "If you can't enjoy this, then why are you working so hard for it."  True that, Z.

Varejao was taken a little aback when the Argentinian media horde that had come to interview Manu Ginobili and Fabricio Oberto started asking him questions in Spanish.  He hadn't done Spanish interviews in awhile.  Ginobili, meanwhile, answered questions in English, Spanish and Italian.  Show off. You know you're at the NBA Finals for the All-Star Game when a guy from China butts in to break up a Spanish-only interview to ask a question in English.

I keep getting asked by all these media types and on an unending string of radio interviews if I think the Cavs have a snowball's chance of beating the Spurs.  You can see my in-depth matchups here for the nuts and bolts.  Of course the Spurs are favored.  Of course they should win, but I'm not picking against the Cavs anymore.  Since I picked the Pistons to win, I figure I'm not allowed to pick anymore.  The Spurs have the better team, the experience and the homecourt advantage.  The Cavs have a great defense, momentum and in my opinion the best player on the floor.

Just let me say this, with this team now, my answer to every question including the big one is: Why not?  Why not, indeed.

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