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Cavaliers: League's Perspective

By George Thomas Published: October 8, 2008

To those who continue to read this, I may be walking around in a haze for just a couple weeks, so be it.  Everything has a learning curve, even covering an NBA team with the most popular player on the planet in his hometown, well you know what the heck I'm trying to say.
Ran across one piece while browsing the innertubes this a.m. comparing the offseason moves made by the Cavaliers and Toroto Raptors.  How apropos considering they just squared off last night. Everyone in the league knows that the Cavs got Mo Williams in an off-season trade.
The Raptors, they got Jermaine O'Neal from Indiana Pacers.  With big moves, come big expecations and HoopsWorld's Tommy Beer has a great take on it.  O'Neal attracted plenty of interest in the offseason - even from the Cavaliers, Mike Brown said last night.
And on a completely different note:  I mentioned in this part of cyberspace Cavaliers owner Daniel Gilbert got some heat regarding his comments and continued insistence on the national level that LeBron James will eventual bolt the snowy roads of Northeast Ohio for the Great White Way of New York City.  Hey, after all, it's the only city big enough for him.
James told fans at a voter registration rally that he wouldn't be going anywhere.  Apparently, even the prospect of James not taking a bite out of the Big Apple is unfathomable to Joe DeLassio of New York Magazine.  It's must reading.
Anyone whose read me in my nine years at the ABJ knows that for the first seven, I was the paper's movie critic.  I've spent a lot of time in New York and Los Angeles.  At times it felt like too much.  New York, great place to visit but...  You can finish the sentence.  Most New Yorkers, depending on where you are in the city are a down home lot.  While covering movies, however, I felt more comfortable with the hotel staff then I ever did with studio executives.
With that Manhattan crowd, there was always this sense of disbelief that I could never want to live in NYC with its $2,500-a-month rent for 900 square feet of space, the smell of horse sweat, horse urine, and pretzels. With my proclamation also came a hint of condescension.  You know, NYC is the center of the universe.  Yada, yada, yada to borrow from its native son, Jerry Seinfeld.

The point:  DeLassio's smug, condescending blog post.  James will ultimately do what's best for him and his career.  If that's New York, so be it.  But in that post, DeLassio accuses James of lying to a bunch of amped up Cleveland voters when the fact of the matter is, no one really knows what James is thinking - except James.
If you're poking around the Internet (as you obviously are now) take a look at a piece from the News Herald's Bob Finnan regarding Anderson Varejao's future with the Cavaliers.  It makes for some interesting reading for Cavs' fans.
Looking for humorous take on the Varejao situation? Check out Marcel Mutoni over at  He takes a look at Finnan's article, but you gotta love a guy with a sense of humor.  The money quote:
Sign him to a long-term deal, don’t sign him. I don’t really care either way. Just don’t make me think about Sideshow Bob too much.
What's with financial institutions in Detroit and Cleveland?  National City Bank, headquartered in Cleveland, signed a deal to be a Detroit Pistons sponsor Wednesday. Methinks that they have identity crises.  Quicken Loans Arena is named for owner Daniel Gilbert's other little baby.  At least that deal makes some sense.
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