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Cavaliers press conferences

By Jason Lloyd Published: May 14, 2010

Dan Gilbert expected to meet the media momentarily. Danny Ferry at 4 p.m. Check back here for updates on what comes out of it.
George Thomas
Dan Gilbert: I feel sorry for the fans more than anybody.  We're going to dig deep and try to improve this franchise - improve it for the playoffs.
GT:  Gilbert says they are going through the evaluation process.  Said he wants to make a level-headed decision.
Disappointment:  It's a lot of factors that add up to the ultimate disappointment.
Roster talent:  There's a lot of factors in play other than talent.  We're going to look at talent, motivation and everything that matters in team sports.
Knicks a threat:  I would think Mayor Bloomberg has better things to do than that.  I think we have to ignore the noise.
Gilbert on Brown:  Gilbert won't commit to Brown.  Expect an answer on his status after 7-10 days.  We'll have decisions on everything we evaluate.
Gilbert on LeBron's free agency:  We were all focused on trying to deliver a championship.
Did team quit:  Says he doesn't think the team quit, but questions were raised.
Can he imagine team without LeBron: I haven't thought of it, so I can't imagine it.
Team meshing:  We didn't see the same team in the playoffs that we saw in the regular season.
This is about delivery to the fans, to the kids and corporate sponsors and everybody else.
Clearly there's a gap and something we need to address.
On the franchise moving:  That's absurd.  Cleveland deserves more than any town to have a winner here.
Danny Ferry:
"We couldn't play the way we needed to play to be a champion."
"At the end of the year we juts weren't playing well. ... We couldn't find ourselves and you're not going to find yourselves against the Boston Celtics the way they were playing. What did we learn from that? That's what we're about to sit down and talk about over the next few days."

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