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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavaliers seek league approval to add season-ticket holders' names to playing court

By Jason Lloyd Published: September 12, 2013

The Cavaliers have asked the league’s approval to place season-ticket holders’ names on the apron of the court, a league source confirmed, speaking on condition of anonymity because the idea has not yet been approved by the league. Sports Business Daily was first to report the idea.

The Milwaukee Bucks are also seeking approval to place names on the court, according to the report, but the Bucks’ idea is to put the names on the playing court. The Cavs’ names will be on the apron.

Final details have not been determined, according to the report, including which ticket holders would be selected and how the names would be attached (decals or painted directly on the surface). Any changes to the court design must pass league approval and league executives are reviewing the proposal to ensure it won’t clutter the court or distort how the game is viewed on television, according to the report.

The Cavs previously allowed stakeholders and their entire staff to sign the four corners of the court during the playoffs a few years ago

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