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Cleveland Cavaliers

Trading deadline breakdown

By admin Published: February 23, 2006

Here's some stuff to chew on over the trades the Cavs made today:

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MVP Madness

By admin Published: February 21, 2006

When I finally trudged home from Houston yesterday, I was mildly surprised to see my e-mail inbox stuffed with people calling me, wait, let me go back and "idiot," a "jackass" and a "moron."

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All-Star "Weak"end

By admin Published: February 17, 2006

Houston -- I've made it to the All-Star festivities, yee haw.  This is my third All-Star Game and really the fun is off it.  It is rather cool for about 15 minutes, but in all honestly I don't see why this event is so popular.  After a few dunks and steals in the game, it just seems somewhat boring to me.  More about personalities and celebrities than the actual game.  There will surely be some great fodder to come out of today's media session.

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LeBron's future

By admin Published: February 10, 2006

One of the most popular topics concerning LeBron James over the last year or so is what his future holds, and it is with the Cavs?  I've covered this ground extensively here and in the paper, but I've just finished this story for that ties everything that has been going on together.

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The Cavs give me a headache

By admin Published: February 9, 2006

Minneapolis -- I went around telling everyone for two days that I really didn't like the way the Cavs played when they beat the Bucks Monday night.  I thought they were lax in handling their business in that game, playing focusless offense and not showing urgency on defense when the game was very much in doubt.  They ended up pulling it out with a big offensive play and a big defensive play, but honestly, it never should've come to that.

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Arrival frustration

By admin Published: February 5, 2006

This is a term I have invented for the five or six times per season I arrive in a town for a road game and absolutely nothing goes according to plan due to the following: 1) moronic tourists; 2) moronic airline/car rental/hotel employees; 3) the entire setup in the NY/NJ metro area. This usually leads me to: 1) grind my teeth; 2) curse profusely; 3) openly mock the situation to complete strangers with sarcasm only to have it completely fly over their heads (see moronic tourist entry).

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Wine and Gold Ramblings

By admin Published: February 1, 2006

Some stuff going on with the Cavs that I will pontificate about:

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