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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-76ers In-game report

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 5, 2010

Halftime: Cavs 61, Sixers 53

* This game is taking on the same feel as all the rest. The Cavs are still struggling to play well for four quarters. The Sixers have shot their way back into this game (12 of 19, 63 percent in the second quarter) much like the Hawks shot their way to a huge first-quarter lead by shooting 72 percent the other night. The Sixers are a 1-4 team the Cavs had down early, but the Cavs have let them back in it.

* The Cavs have had one miserable quarter defensively in four consecutive games. They allowed 31 points in the third quarter to both Toronto and Sacramento, then Atlanta whipped them for 40 in the first on Tuesday. The Sixers just hung a 34-point second quarter on them.

* The Sixers could've driven a truck through the lane in the second quarter. The middle drives allowed were a big concern last week for Scott and will be a focal point again at halftime. Of Philly's 12 second-quarter baskets, 10 of them came in the lane. Incredible.

* Welcome to the season, Joey Graham. He came into training camp expecting big things from himself, but quickly plummeted down Byron Scott's depth chart. A quad injury in camp certainly didn't help. But Graham was a surprise recipient of some of Antawn Jamison's minutes tonight and has responded with eight points.

End 1Q: Cavs 34, Sixers 20

* The Cavs toyed with the Sixers for the first eight minutes or so of the first half. They are getting inside at will.

* Give credit to J.J. Hickson. He has given Byron Scott whatever is asked of him. Scott ripped him and demanded better focus, Hickson has provided it. Scott said yesterday he needs JJ on the glass more and he responded with six rebounds in the quarter.

* The Cavs dominated the Sixers during the preseason game in Cincinnati and the first quarter tonight hasn't been much different. The Sixers didn't have more field goals (6) than turnovers (5) until a basket by Marreese Speights with about three minutes left in the quarter.

* The rims are mic'd up, which isn't a good thing when the arena is half-empty. Every clank is reverberating through the hollow Wells Fargo Center. It's fairly amusing.

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