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By George Thomas Published: November 3, 2009

This little gem from Bethlehem Shoals of the Sporting News' Baseline blog:

Yes! Exactly! If only the rest of the world would realize this and stop harping on whether or not Shaq will ever be something he hasn't been in years. It's like no one bothered to watch O'Neal in Phoenix, or has been so blinded by LeBron that they don't notice what else makes the Cavs click.
 For the sake of this season, I can only hope that over time, Shaq become a genial sideshow providing heft off the bench, and this team does whatever necessary to make sure Delonte's playing and plugged in. It's not that West is a neglected All-Star, but for this team, he's indispensable.
Total agreement here. When you have players like LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal lobbying for your return, they know of your importance. 
From the Washington Post's website:
DeShawn Stevenson when asked about the possibility of former teammate Antonio Daniels signing with the Cavaliers:
"I have nothing against [Daniels] as a person," Stevenson said. "It's just that jersey and that person that's over there."
The ''that person"? Give you a guess.  Here's betting that Stevenson, who will likely find himself riding the pine much more than playing in D.C., never heard the words:  ''You don't tug on Superman's cape.''


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