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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs at Kings

By admin Published: November 9, 2007

Pregame Starting lineups:
Cavs: Daniel Gibson, Sasha Pavlovic, LeBron James, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas Kings: Francisco Garcia, Kevin Martin, Brad Miller, John Salmons, Mikki Moore
Refs Mike Callahan, Tony Brothers, Brian Forte. Forte is a fresh-faced rookie, never seen him before.
--Larry Hughes is sitting out his third straight game with his bruised knee. --Sad to see a non-sellout and little energy in this building. When it is filled and hoping like it has been for years, is it one of the best in league. Now, it just seems old. --You know all that dust LeBron throws up has to come down and it just did all over me and my keyboard. --The Kings are hurt (Mike Bibby) and suspended (Ron Artest). Kevin Martin and John Salmons will shoot a bunch, if the Cavs play good defense they have an excellent chance of winning.
Halftime -- Kings 48, Cavs 48
--The Cavs are having energy issues, which is one of reasons this is a trap game. Always happens in the middle of a trip. Both teams are shooting poorly, one of them figures to heat up in the second half. --LeBron is not showing much aggression on offense and the Cavs are generally being a little lazy at that end. They are still scoring but not being efficient. They have only 10 points in the paint yet have 14 3-point attempts, that's a direct sign lazy offense. --Kevin Martin is shooting anytime he gets more than a foot of space, which he seems to be allowed quite a bit. He'll get 35 if the Cavs don't start paying more attention, he's very talented. --Devin Brown played great minutes in the first half. He had 11 points, but he was very active at both ends. He was playing with more energy than any Cav on the court. Damon Jones has also done pretty well off the bench. --Daniel Gibson is starting to have chronic foul problems. He does not have great lateral quickness and it is showing as he tries to guard quicker opponents. He's going to need to play a little smarter or it is going to keep happening because he often gets out of position. --The Kings are 14-of-14 at the foul line. Wednesday the Jazz made their first 17 tries at the line. The Cavs have missed six of them.'s Joe Gabriele: "Brad Miller has a Johnnycakes mustache." If you are a Sopranos fan, you get it. --Cedric Simmons got his first action, nine minutes worth. Didn't look good but not too bad either. He's playing tenative, which is to be expected.
Postgame -- Cavs 93, Kings 91
Stars: LeBron James, 26 points...the last seven were huge. Devin Brown, 20 points, 11 rebounds...My guess is Larry Hughes will play the next game. Kevin Martin, 32 points...Seven baskets, 32 points. That's free-throw shooting, Tex.
--The NBA season is a grand balance. The Cavs lost one they could've won in Utah and won one tonight they probably should've lost. --LeBron did not do anything special until the game's final two minutes. Then he made like four plays in a row in a little over a minute and the Cavs won. That 3-point play that pretty much won the game looked like what he did to the Pistons last season. In case you didn't think he had low energy, he didn't get his first rebound until there was nine minutes left in the game. --Still not exactly sure how Damon Jones missed that layup with 12 seconds left, but I'll bet he's glad no one will remember it. --Guess Kevin Martin isn't yet a star because the refs swallowed their whistles when Drew Gooden obviously fouled him with about seven seconds to go. The Kings have a serious case to complain about there. But you all know my philosophy, breaks and calls even out and officials very rarely decide games. --Devin Brown was at his best tonight. He may not play a better game this season. He had 20 points and a career-high 11 rebounds, which was key of course. But deeper, he played four different positions including point guard and power forward for a stretch. Also, he threw down that dunk in transition. That right there was a sign that's he's back in shape after coming to training camp about 10-15 pounds heavy. --Expect the Cavs to see loads of zone in the near future once teams break down this game film. The Jazz messed them up a little with it Wednesday and the Kings played it all night tonight. All the Cavs did was toss up 3-pointers. They were 7-of-25, which is why they shot 38 percent, which is why they should've lost. Mike Brown said he liked the ball movement, but there certainly wasn't a whole lot of driving and kicking. By the way, in their first four games the Kings had given up an average of 105 points and 51 percent shooting. --Forget about the Kings trading Mike Bibby and not getting a point guard in return. Umm, Sac had seven assists tonight. Their offense was mostly just guys dribbling toward the rim and getting fouled (maybe the Cavs could watch). Which they were very good at to say the least, going 33-of-35 at the line. Martin was 17-of-18, so you figure he would've tied the game if the foul had been called on Gooden. But then probably LeBron would've taken the last shot on a iso play, driven and gotten a return foul from the refs. Then it would've gotten interesting, eh? --Where did the Cavs actually win it? Look at Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The Cavs had 18 offensive rebounds, Z had 8, and they won the second-chance points 16-2. That and LeBron James carrying at the end, normal Cavs script. By the way, Z had 15 boards which for him is just average these days.
Quotes: LeBron James: "I had to seize the moment...I saw it open up a bit in the fourth and I just started feeling good." Devin Brown: "I surprised Mike Brown when I threw down that dunk. I don't think he thought I'd be able to dunk again when I showed up to camp at 240 pounds." Reggie Theus: "Obviously I there wasn't a person in the building that didn't think (Martin) got fouled."

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