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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Bulls In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 8, 2010

End 3Q: Cavs 68, Bulls 60
* Win or lose, the Cavs are fighting tonight. And it's about time. Effort and intensity is way up, no doubt because of extended minutes for Boobie and Jamison. Manny Harris is being aggressive, too. He's had a few shots swatted away, but at least he's attacking the basket.

* Jamison and Gibson have combined for 31 points. Starters have 60 of the team's 68 points. That's much, much different from past games and shows the type of impact Jamison and Gibson can have on a game.

* Interestingly, Ramon Sessions hasn't played at all. Neither has Joey Graham.

Halftime: Bulls 41, Cavs 35
* Byron Scott shook up the starting lineup to try and create a spark. It has worked, even though it hasn't. Daniel Gibson and Antawn Jamison are in as starters, Joey Graham and J.J. Hickson are out with Anthony Parker sliding down to small forward. The Cavs are down six, but the effort and intensity level tonight is the best it has been in well over a week.

* Antawn Jamison has hinted for the last few days he wanted more minutes. It was obvious he saw the lack of intensity and wanted a chance to change that. Now he has it. Byron Scott's biggest concern with starting Jamison has been his creaky left knee. But it hasn't bothered him in a couple weeks and Scott clearly thought it was worth the risk.

* The problem with Gibson and Mo Williams together in the backcourt is the lack of size. When they run into teams with bigger guards, the Cavs will have real problems defending them. But that's a worry for another day. Right now, Scott just wants five guys to play hard and play together.

* That's what they're doing so far tonight. The Cavs fell behind 10-0 within the game's first three minutes. Given how they played on that disastrous road trip, that would've meant the end of the game. But the Cavs fought back to take a brief lead. Gibson has a team-high 11 points and Jamison is next with seven.

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