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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Celtics In-game report

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 27, 2010

End 3Q: Celtics 73, Cavs 68
* One of the keys to the Princeton offense, Byron Scott said early in training camp, is good outside shooters. Anthony Parker and Boobie Gibson are a combined 4 of 19 from the floor, yet the Cavs are still in the game.

* It's been a particularly frustrating debut for Gibson, who raised expectations with a terrific preseason (14.4 ppg). Gibson missed his first eight shots before nailing a 3-pointer. It's only one game. The Cavs are still expecting big things from him this season.

* A bigger concern might be Antawn Jamison. That left knee bothered him off and on throughout camp, when he was a dreadful 8 of 38 from the field. Veterans are typically given the benefit of the doubt following lousy preseasons, but coming off the bench again will be an adjustment for him. Zydrunas Ilgauskas really struggled with it early in the season last year and it could take Jamison some time to find his groove. The Cavs really need his scoring.

Halftime: Celtics 47, Cavs 46
* Byron Scott is very comfortable with Ramon Sessions running the offense. He loves the pace the Cavs had in Mo Williams' one preseason game, but he's confident when Sessions is on the floor. This is why. He has 12 points and two assists, although he also has three turnovers already. Sessions showed a great burst in grabbing a steal along the baseline, dribbled the length of the floor and shot through the paint for a layup.

* The Cavs are playing with energy and a purpose. They want to prove to everyone basketball in Cleveland isn't dead. This type of energy is what Scott has promised all through camp. It's easy to bring it in the season opener against the defending conference champs. It will be interesting to see if the Cavs can keep this type of pace at both ends of the floor all season.

* The Cavs are shooting just 41 percent at the half, while the Celtics are shooting 53 percent. Yet the Cavs trail by a point because of hustle.

End 1Q: Celtics 23, Cavs 21
* J.J. Hickson seems to have that focus and intensity Byron Scott demands. He has 10 points and even hit a jumper. So far, so good.

* Ramon Sessions is having the same problems with Rajon Rondo that Mo Williams had last season in the playoffs. Rondo had made all four of his shots and has 9 points after one quarter.

* Kevin Garnett got his knee wrapped courtside and has yet to return to the game.

* The veteran Celtics showed little wear and tear considering they're coming off a grueling game last night against Miami. The Celtics made 10 of 14 shots in the quarter.

* Doc Rivers said before the game he got some handshakes around town and fans thanking him for beating LeBron James and the Heat last night.

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