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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Clippers In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: February 11, 2011

End 4Q: Cavs 110, Clippers 110
* Baron Davis' shot at the buzzer was blocked by J.J. Hickson, who is having the game of his career against Blake Griffin. This is the Cavs' first overtime game since their last victory -- in December over the New York Knicks.

* J.J. Hickson has 27 points and 12 rebounds, Antawn Jamison has 29 points and Mo Williams has 16 points and 13 assists in 27 gritty minutes off the bench. Williams seemed to reinjure his groin early in the fourth quarter, but he's fighting through it. Cavs can't win without him.

* Griffin has 30 points and 12 rebounds for Clippers, but 12 points and three rebounds since halftime. Baron Davis has 24 points and Randy Foye has 20.

End 3Q: Cavs 83, Clippers 81
* Blake Griffin began the second half by diving into the stands and destroying four (vacant) chairs that ultimately had to be replaced. I've never seen that before.

* The Cavs held Griffin to three points and no rebounds in the quarter. He only took two shots despite playing the entire quarter.

* Antawn Jamison has 23 points and five assists and Mo Williams has 10 assists in 16 minutes.

* The Cavs are 12 minutes away from ending the longest losing streak in pro sports history -- or 12 minutes away from having the record all to themselves. But I have to say, for a team on such a long, dreary streak, the Q is full again tonight and the crowd is into it. Fairly remarkable.

Halftime: Clippers 53, Cavs 52
* Want to know how a team loses 26 in a row? By giving up five points in two seconds at the end of the half. Baron Davis hit a 3-pointer and J.J. Hickson traveled trying to get a shot off before the buzzer. The Clippers heaved an inbounds pass from halfcourt with 0.5 seconds left to Blake Griffin, who was standing under the basket. Griffin appeared to push off J.J. Hickson, but caught the pass and put it in. The Cavs' four-point lead was suddenly a one-point deficit.

* J.J. Hickson is shining again tonight, matching Blake Griffin basket for basket and rebound for rebound. Hickson has 17 points and nine rebounds in the first half.

* Mo Williams was wrapped in a compression bandage after coming out of the game, but it's simply precautionary. He's fine to play in the second half. The team's tempo was much crisper with Williams running the offense, although Ramon Sessions has looked good this month starting in place of Williams. Coming off the bench seems to make it more difficult for him to get in rhythm.

* Other than the last five seconds, the Cavs' defense was much better in the second quarter. The Clippers shot about 30 percent and seemed to have to work a little bit more for looks.

* These two teams have combined for 58 points in the paint, reiterating again how awful the interior defense has been on both sides.

End 1Q: Clippers 33, Cavs 29
* One thing is evident: Neither team is real fond of protecting the paint or playing defense. These two teams have combined for at least six dunks and the middle remains wide open at both ends.

* Mo Williams made his return and had four assists in 4:41. Williams moving well, doing a nice job of pushing the tempo and getting the Cavs into transition.

* Blake Griffin is every bit as athletic and strong as advertised. He got out on a breakaway and dunked the ball so hard, it hit the floor and shot back up to the backboard. Griffin has 13 points.

* Great start for J.J. Hickson, who has 11 points and four rebounds. Antawn Jamison added 10 points, but Hickson is really showing hustle around the paint area.

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