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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Grizzlies In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 27, 2010

End 3Q: Cavs 75, Grizzlies 67
* The third quarter used to be the Cavs' weakness, but not tonight. Great quarter, led by Mo Williams' 12 points and three assists.

* But really the turnaround started on defense. The Cavs did a great job of closing down the lane and helping more on rotations. That led to easy baskets at the other end.

* Joey Graham is a much better 3-point shooter than people think. He's not leading the league in it anytime soon, but when Mo can find him in transition and Graham can get his feet set, he's pretty good. Better than advertised.

* Now the Cavs have to finish. They were down 16 and have led by as much as 12. This isn't the kind of game you want to blow at home in the fourth quarter.
Halftime: Grizzlies 51, Cavs 45
* The Grizzlies blew a ton of shots inside in the second quarter. The Cavs' defense gets some credit for that and the Grizz just flat out blew some open looks.

* Give the Cavs credit for getting inside again, much like they did last night against the Magic. The Cavs have struggled on most anything outside the paint, but the dribble penetration from Mo Williams and Ramon Sessions has been pretty good.

* Memphis' forwards are really eating up the Cavs. Zach Randolph looks like an All-Star tonight the way he's muscling around the paint (11 points, 6 rebounds). Rudy Gay has 10 points, but eight of those came in the first quarter.

* Daniel Gibson missed two more 3-pointers in the first half. That left shoulder isn't right. Period.

End 1Q: Grizzlies 32, Cavs 22
* It's getting redundant, but the Cavs still aren't learning from their mistakes. They've allowed another opponent to race out to an early lead and they're struggling to defend (Memphis shot 64 percent in the quarter).

* The Cavs have allowed 60-plus points in the first half in four of the last five games. After this effort in the first quarter, they're well on their way to allowing it to happen again.

* J.J. Hickson is a mess. He's trying to incorporate himself into the offense, but is just sinking deeper and deeper into this slump. Hickson was 0 for 4 in the quarter with a rebound and a turnover before getting lifted. Hickson admitted tonight that his game is a mess and it certainly isn't getting any better yet.

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