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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Heat In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 15, 2010

End 3Q: Heat 73, Cavs 71
* Daniel Gibson and Mo Williams are outplaying Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers. It's the biggest reason the Cavs are still in this game.

* Gibson has 20 points and Williams has 13 points and eight assists. Wade, meanwhile, is 4 of 10 from the floor.

* The Heat cleaned up a lot of their mistakes in the first half, including some ball handling issues. They also did a better job of knocking down some shots.

* The Cavs withstood the Heat's best punch in the third and they're still standing. That's the quarter, of course, when James took over in the first meeting. He had just two points in the third quarter tonight.

Half: Heat 49, Cavs 46
* The last 90 seconds cost the Cavs an outstanding first half. The Heat caught a couple of offensive rebounds and got physical on defense for five quick points in the final minute to shorten the lead. But the Cavs are playing really, really well.

* It was good to see Joey Graham try to tackle Dwyane Wade on Wade's breakaway dunk. It was bad to see Graham not get there in time and have Wade get the dunk AND the foul. But at least the Cavs were willing to hit someone.

* Byron Scott has significantly shortened his bench. J.J. Hickson, Joey Graham and Ramon Sessions are the only reserves who have played. The starters have played well and the combinations with reserves have kept them in games, too. But the third quarter has been when some games have gotten away from the Cavs -- including the first game against James and the Heat.

* The Cavs have been helped by some sloppy ball handling and bad decisions by the Heat. If they clean that up, Cavs may have to play even better in the second half to win.

* James has 13 points and four rebounds, Chris Bosh has 12 points and a pair of rebounds. Mo Williams has 11 points and four assists for the Cavs and Daniel Gibson has nine points.

End 1Q: Cavs 26, Heat 24
* Much better effort, already, than the first time against the Heat. Cavs are moving with a purpose, fighting for loose balls and rebounds. But they played well through the first quarter the first time.

* Andy Varejao gave the Cavs their first easy basket when he tapped a rebound away from the Heat and into the hands of Mo Williams, who finished with a floater. Varejao later saved a possession by hoisting the ball over the back of the backboard while it was going out of bounds. Mo finished that possession with a basket as well.

* Chris Bosh has stroked three long jumpers already. Antawn Jamison and J.J. Hickson have to do a better job of getting out to him because he's comfortable out there.

* LeBron aid before the game the Cavs players aren't allowed to talk to him. To this point, he hasn't really interacted with any of them except for the typical pregame fistbumps.

* Mo and Boobie Gibson seem to be getting the loudest boos. The Miami crowd began the night with chants of "Cleveland sucks!" before the opening tip.

* LeBron with eight points, three rebounds and a couple of assists in the first quarter. He now has 4,000 assists for his career.

* Boobie Gibson has nine points and three assists for Cavs.

* Heat point guard Carlos Arroyo is not with the team because his grandfather died in Puerto Rico.

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