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Cleveland Cavaliers

Thoughts on the draft

By admin Published: June 29, 2006

==The Cavs accomplished their greatest quest on Wednesday, getting a player they feel can be inserted into the rotation.  As of this moment, it appears Shannon Brown will be the replacement for Flip Murray, though there's a long way to go until next year's roster is complete.  Nothing is a sure thing at No. 25 in the draft, but the chances he'll be viable are high.

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Monday morning guesswork

By admin Published: June 26, 2006

Wednesday's NBA Draft is going to be exciting because it is unpredictable.  Usually even if the top pick isn't known, you have a pretty good idea of who's going 1-2 or even 1-2-3.  This year you don't.

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Listening, learning from the 1 percenters

By admin Published: June 20, 2006

I realize he's controversial and often a whipping boy, but I have to say quite often I find myself in agreement and sometimes in awe in what Mark Cuban has to say.  Yes, his views are usually self-righteous and pompous.  Yet eliminating that fluff, his perspective on the media and his big picture viewpoint, in my opinion, are often well thought out.  I'm not talking about his rants at the officials or the NBA.  I'm talking about his principals, such as being "right is its own defense."

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Rumor starter alert

By admin Published: June 15, 2006

I was just listening to LeBron James on ESPN Radio -- he was promoting some comics he's doing in conjunction with Powerade -- and Dan Patrick was asking him about Jay-Z.  LeBron said "If he were my owner, it would be great."  It was not asked in context of the Nets, in fact Patrick never mentioned that Jay-Z is a part owner of them.  Yet I highly doubt that will matter once the NYC machine gets going.  So batten down the hatches for another round.

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Early June potpourri

By admin Published: June 1, 2006

After having a number of postseason conversations and lots of reading...

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