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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Heat In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: March 29, 2011

End 3Q: Cavs 75, Heat 70
* Wild, wild quarter. The Cavs blew the game open with an 18-0 run, then the Heat answered with 22-1 run to close quarter. As it stands, the Cavs taking a five-point lead into the fourth.

* LeBron James' 3-point heave at the end of the quarter was reviewed and counted. At first, it was ruled after the buzzer, but the refs concluded there was a clock malfunction and the shot counts. Big swing.

* J.J. Hickson has 17 points and eight rebounds, but Ryan Hollins will be a cult hero around here for his physical play. He had a block on Chris Bosh, slapped LeBron in the face and jawed with Dwyane Wade already. That is a Cleveland trifecta.

* LeBron has 17 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds. Likely he'll finish with a triple-double in a game the Heat really, really need to win.

Half: Cavs 53, Heat 42
* The Cavs trailed the Heat by 19 at the half during the first meeting, but they've been the more aggressive, physical team thus far. The key will be maintaining that for another half.

* The Cavs are outrebounding the Heat 20-12 and outscoring them in second-chance points 10-2. It's a big reason why they're winning this game.

* LeBron James has 13 points, Dwyane Wade has 12 and the rest of the team has 17. J.J. Hickson is in foul trouble now, but Ryan Hollins' aggressive approach is quickly making him a fan favorite.

End 1Q: Cavs 24, Heat 24
* Baron Davis promised there wouldn't be any laughing or joking tonight with LeBron James and he was right. Cavs have a much different approach than the Dec. 2 game.

* Ryan Hollins and Dwyane Wade got into a jawing match during the quarter, when Baron Davis and James pulled away their respective teammates. Hollins looks like he's ready to fight tonight.

* James has 13 points, three assists and a rebound. He was put on his back by J.J. Hickson and didn't seem to like it very much. Of course, he made the basket and ensuing free throw.

* J.J. Hickson has nine points and four rebounds for the Cavs. He's hit a couple of long jumpers, which could be good or bad. We'll see.

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