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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Hornets In-Game Recap

By Jason Lloyd Published: March 6, 2011

End 3Q: Hornets 73, Cavs 66
* Chris Paul was placed in a neck brace and taken off the court on a stretcher with 4:36 remaining in the quarter after he collided with Ramon Sessions. Paul's forehead slammed into Sessions and he crumpled on the court, although he maintained movement in his arms, legs and feet the whole time.

* Paul was playing well prior to the injury, which would appear to be the type of thing that could really suck the air out of the Hornets. Instead, it was the exact opposite.

* The Hornets had outscored the Cavs 13-2 after Paul's injury until Baron Davis dropped a desperation 30-footer at the buzzer to cut the deficit to seven.

* The Cavs stopped boxing out, playing defense and doing all the things that allowed them to take the lead in the first place.

Half: Hornets 51, Cavs 48
* Not sure why this is, but the Cavs are playing better defense tonight. Of course, the Hornets aren't a very accomplished team offensively, but they're defending pick and rolls better than normal.

* Baron Davis has missed just one shot thus far. He's got 14 points and four assists in 13 minutes off the bench. Knee looks just fine.

* The Hornets have struggled for the last week or so, but the Cavs have to be happy with the way they're playing. Now if only they can do something about Chris Paul. He's already got 11 points and 10 assists.

* Luke Harangody can quickly become a fan favorite. He's tough, scrappy and he actually has a pretty decent looking shot.

End 1Q: Hornets 27, Cavs 24
* Teams are finally starting to read some scouting reports on the Cavs. Emeka Okafor is making it a point not to let Samardo Samuels get loose in the first quarter. He also did well tying up J.J. Hickson. Samuels still had six points in the quarter, but shooting over Okafor all night won't be easy.

* If Baron Davis can lose about 25 pounds this summer and get that knee in order, he could be a great fit on this team. I know his history, but his vision on the court is stunning. This isn't a knock on Mo Williams, but Davis sees players like LeBron James did. That's to say, much better than Williams could.

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