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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Kings In-game report

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 30, 2010

End 3Q: Kings 84, Cavs 82
* Dreadful quarter for the Cavs, who didn't know how to react when the Kings finally decided to play a little defense. Kings players got their hands up and got active in the passing lanes, disrupting Cavs' flow. It didn't help matters any that the Cavs stopped making shots.

* Tyreke Evans scored 12 points in the quarter for the Kings, who doubled up the Cavs' scoring 31-15. Omri Casspi has made 4 of 5 3-pointers.

* The Cavs just aren't getting to the ball fast enough on defense. The Kings' ball movement was much better in the third quarter and the Cavs were a half-step slow for 12 minutes. Now they're going to have a hard time holding off the Kings, who are a difficult team to try and outscore.

Halftime: Cavs 67, Kings 53
* The Cavs' starting lineup has scored 43 points, already more than they scored last night (29). Byron Scott said before the game he expects to have maybe "three to five" clunkers like the Cavs had last night, but he never expected one the second game of the season. They learned their lesson. Focus, intensity and determination much better tonight.

* Anthony Parker and Ramon Sessions are a combined 11 of 12 from the floor. Incredible.

* I'm beginning to think the Kings have a strong aversion to playing defense. It's almost as if they want the Cavs to hurry up and score so they can get the ball back. Cavs are shooting 60 percent and doing a great job of knocking down shots, but the Kings aren't making it very difficult.

* That said, this is the type of team that is never out of a game. One quick burst, or a couple Cavs turnovers and the Kings are right back in it.

End 1Q: Cavs 34, Kings 34
* Ramon Sessions is playing with passion after his 1 for 10 night on Friday. He's pushing the offense, he's made 4 of 5 shots and he's proving Byron Scott right -- last night was just one of those nights.

* Manny Harris is doing it again. He played the entire fourth quarter of Friday's blowout, scored eight points and looked good enough that Scott trusted him in the first quarter tonight. With Mo Williams out, there are guard's minutes available and Harris is happy to take them.

* It goes without saying, but the Cavs are a completely different team with J.J. Hickson and Anderson Varejao on the floor. Hickson showed great hustle to grab an offensive rebound off a missed free throw, but then blew the bunny layup. Still, he had six points and three rebounds in the quarter.

* As for Hickson and Varejao on the floor together, the two of them led a fast break against Boston on opening night, with Varejao feeding Hickson for a huge basket with the game tied and three minutes to play. Both are very quick and athletic for big guys. The energy Andy brings seems to wear off on JJ sometimes.

* Each of the Kings' first two games ended with both teams going over 100 points. We're headed there again tonight, too, with two teams who love to push the ball on offense. If the Kings don't get a shot up in 10 seconds, something went terribly wrong.

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