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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Knicks In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: March 4, 2011

End 3Q: Knicks 88, Cavs 85
* The Knicks' frustrations finally boiled over when Carmelo Anthony shoved Samardo Samuels and earned a technical foul. Anthony was the one talking about revenge for last week's loss at the Q. He has 21 pointsbut he got just three shots in the third quarter and was whistled for a couple of travels.

* Luke Harangody and Christian Eyenga have been huge off the bench for the Cavs, combining for 27 points and playing great defense. Harangody, particularly, has provided an enormous boost since he wasn't even supposed to play.

* The Knicks have led most of this game, but their frustration is still evident. They feel this shouldn't be a one possession game entering the fourth quarter. They're probably right, but the Cavs' blood and guts are keeping them in it. They were scared and timid facing the Lakers at Staples Center, but they're certainly not scared of the Garden's mystique.

Half: Knicks 64, Cavs 58
* J.J. Hickson is back to the new and improved version. He had a bad night against the Spurs on Wednesday and took some shots Byron Scott didn't like. Tonight he's back in the paint with 13 points and six rebounds and playing well.

* The Cavs seem to be in the Knicks players' heads. They can't understand how they've lost twice to this team this year, and they can't shake them again tonight.

* Baron Davsi has played 11 minutes and looked pretty good. He's right on pace for what Scott wanted, which was to keep him between 20 and 25 minutes tonight.

End 1Q: Cavs 32, Knicks 32
* Cavs close first with a flurry of 3s, four to be exact. Baron Davis had a pair of them to tie the game.

* The Cavs were dreadful defensively for the first half of the quarter and pretty decent the second half. The Knicks had 22 points within six minutes, but Byron Scott made some lineup changes and the defense improved.

* Alonzo Gee really struggled defending Carmelo Anthony, so Scott went back to Eyenga. He never had an issue with Eyenga's on-ball defense, but Eyenga tends to wander defensively when his man doesn't have the ball. Worth watching the rest of the way.

* Luke Harangody wasn't even supposed to play, but he made his first three shots and he's got seven points. He's playing with a blue foam pad taped to his hip for extra cushion.

* J.J. Hickson has nine points and four rebounds (three offensive) and looking good.

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