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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Lakers In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: January 11, 2011

Half: Lakers 57, Cavs 25
* I have to think there is a bit of stage fright in situations like tonight, when the Cavs have so many youngsters playing on one of the league's biggest stages.

* That said, the Cavs have no chance. They can't compete with the Lakers' size advantage. Case in point: Pau Gasol grabbed two or three rebounds over top of J.J. Hickson, then swatted Hickson on the other end. There was nothing J.J. could do. He had no chance.

* Christian Eyenga made a surprise appearance in the second quarter. He wasn't supposed to play tonight, but apparently he's a fast healer. He was dunking during pregame, though, so the ankle must not have been hurting too badly.

* The 31 points, not surprisingly, are a season-low for a half. Hickson leads the team with five points.

End 1Q: Lakers 27, Cavs 12
* The Cavs blew at least three layups, something that can't happen against a good team. Mo Williams blew two of them and the Cavs shot just 6 of 22 for the quarter.

* The Lakers shot 11 of 23 for the quarter and their size is really giving the Cavs problems early. That was to be expected.

* Derek Fisher had eight points, including a pair of 3s. Why is this news? He's hit a total of two 3-pointers over his last THREE GAMES!!

* Sadly, the 12 points aren't a season low. They had nine in a quarter at Chicago on New Year's Day.

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