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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Lakers In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: February 16, 2011

End 3Q: Cavs 74, Lakers 71
* The Lakers were down nine with 2:23 left, but a 3-pointer by Kobe Bryant had the deficit down to one point in the final minute. Christian Eyenga took care of that with a vicious tomahawk dunk over Pau Gasol.

* Gasol has felt the wrath of Phil Jackson most of the night. That didn't help. Eyenga can FLY.

* Ramon Sessions started the quarter at point guard and Mo Williams hasn't been heard from since the game's first four minutes. But the Cavs are saying Williams is healthy, which means they're going with the hot hand. Right now, that's Ramon Sessions.

* Byron Scott wanted a better effort out of his defense and he's gotten it tonight. The Lakers are shooting 43 percent and have turned it over 17 times.

* Gasol has 26 points for the Lakers, Bryant has 13. Sessions has 23 points and six assists for the Cavs and Antawn Jamison has 19 points. J.J. Hickson has eight points and 13 rebounds (nine offensive).

Half: Cavs 51, Lakers 46
* The Cavs are playing determined. It's the best way to put it. The Lakers are stunned right now that they could be down to the worst team in the league, given how the last game between these two turned out.

* The Cavs are outworking the Lakers at both ends. The only reason the game is this close is the Lakers' superior talent. But this is what Byron Scott is referring to when he says he's fine with losing, as long as the effort is there. Tonight, it's clearly there.

* The Cavs have 51 points in the half after scoring 57 points for the GAME last month in Los Angeles. Huge difference in the mental approach of this team.

* Two plays summarize the half: J.J. Hickson was stripped on a break, but the ball trickled over to Anthony Parker, who fired an over-the-shoulder, no-look pass to Antawn Jamison for the layup. On the Cavs' next possession, Jamison fought through for the rebound and basket. When it fell, Christian Eyenga gave an emphatic fist pump toward the floor. It might be the most emotion Eyenga has shown all year.

* Mo Williams didn't play at all in the second quarter. Team looked just fine without him. He hasn't played since picking up his second foul less than four minutes into the game. He had seven turnovers Sunday against the Wizards.

End 1Q: Cavs 29, Lakers 21
* This isn't the same Cavs team that was blown off the floor last month at Staples Center. The Cavs have come out aggressive and pushing the tempo, while it's the Lakers looking slow and lazy.

* The Cavs beat the Lakers on one alley-oop and should've had at least two more. The Lakers look like an old, tired team on the final night of a two-week road trip. Key stat: Cavs outscoring Lakers on fastbreak points 10-1.

* Antawn Jamison nailed a "heat check" 3-pointer from between the "C" and the "A" in the "Cavaliers" half-court logo. The shot clock was winding down and Jamison fired from about 30 feet. He's got eight points.

* The real catalyst, though, has again been Ramon Sessions. He's got 11 points and three assists and played most of the first quarter after Mo Williams was whistled for two quick fouls.

* Kobe Bryant picked up two fouls, too, and was handed a technical as he stomped off the court. Bryant had two points, but Pau Gasol already has 14. He's a tough matchup for the undersized Cavs.

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