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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs lower boom on Sonics

By admin Published: January 8, 2008

Cavs 95, Sonics 79
--I might need some help with this one, I haven't seen too many Cavs blowouts this year, I don't really know how to break it down. This was actually the biggest point differential of the season. --Cavs really came out wanting to apply pressure and run and they kept it up for most of the game. They had 15 steals, which is a season high, which allowed them to get out and run a lot. That made it a fun game to watch for the fans. --Chew on all this, which explains why the Cavs have won four straight and six of seven. For the seventh straight game they held the opponent to 95 points or less. For the six straight game they won the rebound battle. For the seventh time in eight games they won the bench scoring battle (Cavs had 45 bench points tonight). All positive trends, just like the record. All reasons beyond LeBron just being hot that the Cavs are winning. --Did you see Devin Brown's dunk in the second half? All I can say is: damn. In the preseason, Mike Brown told Devin he wasn't sure if he'd be able to dunk this year because he was a little out of shape. Well Devin's in shape now and he's been throwing them down. He got upset with me after the game when I asked him if he dunked a lot in the past. He was like "go to the tapes, man, I can throw them down!" Ok, Ok, I'm a believer. --Mike Brown had Damon Jones in the lineup tonight and he played small like he did at the end of the Raptors game for several stretches. As a result, Daniel Gibson was able to get open a lot and he nailed five 3-pointers. I don't have stats to back this up, but I'll guess Boobie hits about 70 percent from 3 when he's open. This small, spread-the-floor lineup was a staple last season Mike seemed to have forgotten about, which is highly effective when Andy is playing well like he is now. --Speaking of Andy, Dan Fegan was in the building tonight for the first time this season. Seems like everybody made nice and the Cavs gave him good seats. The beginning of kinder relations? Hmm, we'll see. --Funny moment in the fourth quarter. Cavs got a steal and Boobie threw the ball to LeBron on the break in traffic and it was short and it ended up being a turnover. LeBron looked and Boobie and said "through that (bleep) long next time." Moments later there was another turnover and Boobie had the ball again with LeBron running a post route while being double covered. He threw it long, LeBron got it and got fouled. Talk about in-game adjustments. --Larry Hughes and Sasha Pavlovic go 9-of-21 and score 22 points, wow the Cavs really are hot. Meanwhile, media members also have a new name for Drew Gooden: "Blackbeard." Although, I prefer the nickname I gave him a few weeks ago, "American Taliban."
Tonight's recap
Starting lineup
Sonics: Earl Watson, Kevin Durant, Jeff Green, Nick Collison, Kurt Thomas Cavs: Larry Hughes, Sasha Pavlovic, LeBron James, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Officials Bennett Salvatore, Jason Phillips, Leroy Richardson
--LeBron is going to be guarded tonight by one of the following: Green, Durant, or Wally Szczerbiak at most times. Two rookies and a slow spot-up shooter. Should be a green light. --On paper, this should be a victory and an easy one. But the Cavs just don't believe in such things. They'd rather look like the worst team in the league for awhile, then look like an average team for awhile, then look like a Finals team in the fourth quarter. --Durant is a talent, but he's a volume scorer at this point in his career. He takes lots of jumpers and goes through hot and cold streaks. He has great athleticism and can get to the basket, but many nights just doesn't. So if the Cavs leave him open they run the risk of being shown up, but if the body him and contest shots he will miss and make mistakes. He's got a 2:3 assist-to-turnover ratio this season. --The Sonics have good guards, but Delonte West and Luke Ridenour are hurting right now.
Halftime -- Cavs 45, Sonics 33
--Cavs are shooting 37 percent and are up by 12, wow, that is remarkable. Sonics have 11 turnovers and it has cost them 15 points which is why they are not in the game right now. --The Cavs energy level has been pretty good and they have been active on defense, picking up seven steals and lots of loose balls. That is an improvement from recent practice when they've come out flat against lessor teams. --LeBron is really playing well, really looking to get to the basket. He's 7-of-10 and hasn't drawn a foul but is playing very aggressive and applying heat to the Sonics big men. His activity has pushed the Cavs. He had a crazy dunk were he jumped off the wrong foot and too far out yet still saved it and threw it down. --Larry Hughes has been pretty active on defense, getting three steals. The crowd booed him when he pulled up for a 18-footer in transition. Banger Brother update: 4-of-14 (not bad, actually). Sasha's jumper dry spell is in danger of reaching double figures, has been at least four games since he made one. UPDATE: Sasha makes 14-footer from base line in third quarter, time to eat words.
Stars LeBron, 22 points, eight rebounds Gibson, 17 points Varejao, 14 points, nine rebounds Durant, 24 points, six rebounds
Quotes: LeBron: "We came in with the mindset to get the job done. Early on we got defensive stops and we were able to get the lead." Devin Brown on his dunk: "The lob was there too, if he'd have thrown it to me." P.J. Carlesimo: "We couldn't locate Boobie (yes, he actually said "Boobie"), even with the way he's shooting."

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