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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Magic In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: January 30, 2011

Half: Magic 56, Cavs 43
* The Magic are just destroying the Cavs inside, outscoring them in points in the paint 38-20.

* Antawn Jamison and J.J. Hickson are a combined 0 for 10 from the floor for 1 point, although they do have 15 total rebounds. With those two essentially scoreless, it's amazing the Cavs are only down 13.

* The Magic shot 33 percent in the second quarter (9 of 27), which certainly helped the Cavs to stick around. Until they cut off the middle and get Jamison and/or Hickson going, they still don't have much of a chance with history looming.

End 1Q: Magic 33, Cavs 17
* The Cavs were so focused on stopping Dwight Howard, it was the rest of the Magic who really busted them up with body shots inside.

* Byron Scott wanted Hickson to meet Howard at the free-throw line and outside the paint, allowing for the chance to double team him. Allowing Howard to catch the ball in the paint is disaster, Scott said. They did a pretty good job of that, but it was everyone else on the roster slicing to the basket that caused problems.

* PG Jameer Nelson dribbled right through the "teeth" of the defense for an uncontested layup, similiar to how Denver's Ty Lawson tortured the Cavs with dribble drives in the fourth quarter Friday night. Simply no excuse for that to happen. Blame goes to both Ramon Sessions and the help (in tonight's case, Ryan Hollins).

* Christian Eyenga made his first 3-point attempt to start the game. Worst thing that could happen. He needs to leave that shot alone for now and worry about the rest of his game, which is actually progressing quite nicely. Eyenga and Hickson each had a couple of blocks in the quarter.

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