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Cavs maintain no decision made on Baron Davis, Scott says he is best mentor for Irving

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 9, 2011

Cavs General Manager Chris Grant said no decision has been made regarding Baron Davis and the amnesty clause, but in the boldest statement yet, coach Byron Scott dismissed the idea of Davis serving as a mentor for rookie point guard Kyrie Irving.

"You know who the best mentor for Kyrie is? You're looking at him," Scott said. "I'm the best. But we have a lot of good veterans who will help him along the way."

The Cavs can waive Davis and still pay him the $28 million they owe him, but wipe the salary off their cap. It would clear the way for Irving to become the starting point guard on the first day, but it would leave the Cavs incredibly thin in the backcourt.

Scott believes Davis and Irving can play extended minutes together, in part because the Cavs are short on shooting guards. Anthony Parker is a free agent and the Cavs continue to negotiate with him, but Manny Harris and Daniel Gibson are the only other shooting guards on the roster. The Cavs have invited D-League star Kenny Hayes to training camp, but he is a longshot to make the team.

Davis flew to Cleveland late Thursday and is taking his physical this morning. If the Cavs were ready to amnesty him, they likely would've called him and told him not to bother coming here, so a decision likely won't be made in the next couple of days. Davis will begin training camp with his teammates this week and await to hear his fate.

"At this point we're still learning the nuances of all the rules. Obviously the amnesty question has been a big question. That's one of the tools in the toolbox we have available," Grant said. "There's a number of things we're trying to learn about and that's not something that happens overnight. We're going through that process now. We've made no decision and there's no timeline."

In other news:

* Both Scott and Chris Grant sidestepped Dan Gilbert's e-mail to Commissioner David Stern, which aided in the league's decision to nix the trade of Hornets superstar Chris Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers.

"Dan is a passionate guy. It's part of the reason we have this practice facility you're sitting in and part of the reason he changed out all the seats for no reason in the arena," Grant said. "He's passionate and that's great. It's a joy working for a guy who's that aggressive and allows us to be aggressive and go after things. But it's not our place to get into any communications that he's having with other owners or the league office. That's just not our place."

Scott had no comment because he said he hadn't seen the e-mail.

* Grant believes he'll get back time to use the $14.5 million trade exception once league operations resume at 2 p.m. today. But he's unsure how much time he'll have to use it. The Cavs had nine days left on the trade exception when the lockout began.

* Scott believes he'll have to lighten up his grueling training camp this season because of the condensed schedule. The Cavs will play 66 games in 122 days and he has no idea what kind of shape guys will be in when practice begins today.

"Camp Scott has to be a little like Camp Soft," Scott said. "I can't be the normal guy I normally am in training camp. I obviously have to modify my training camp because we don't know what type of shape these guys are in. It has to be modified and I have to take it a little slower."

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