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Cavs offer Ted Williams, homeless sensation, a job

By Jason Lloyd Published: January 5, 2011

Ted Williams, the homeless man from Columbus who captured America's heart overnight and received a full-time job offer from the Cavaliers, has a lengthy felony rap sheet according to The Smoking Gun.

The Associated Press obtained a copy of his 14-page arrest sheet for theft, robbery, escape and drug possession. His most recent arrest was May 14 on misdemeanor theft charges.

The Cavaliers offered Williams a full-time job doing commercials and voiceover work. The Cavs say they are still "working through" their offer, but that it would include work for the Cavs, Quicken Loans and any other affiliated companies. A Cavaliers spokesman said the offer still stands.

Two days ago, Williams was a homeless man enduring another frigid winter in Columbus. Today he is the hottest name in America, an Internet sensation and perhaps soon to be a very rich man.

Williams and his "golden voice" were filmed by a Columbus Dispatch photographer this week. He was holding a sign that read in part "I have a God given gift of voice." The photographer told him to speak to earn his $1, and Williams soothing voice was reminscent of James Earl Jones and other famous voices.

In an effort to find him work, the video was uploaded to YouTube and quickly exploded. By this afternoon, it was viewed by 4.5 million people. Williams was brought into a Columbus radio station this morning, where the Cavs presented their offer over the phone. Then he was whisked away to New York City, where Inside Edition wanted to talk to him. MTV is also reportedly interested in him.

The Cavs admitted this afternoon they didn't know much about him. They didn't do a background check and knew nothing of his history. In his video, Williams says he had drug and alcohol addictions, but that he's been sober for two years.

"We're going to start with our heart first and start from the perspective that this is an amazing individual who has a lot of components in him that represent who we are and what our DNA is," said Tracy Marek, Cavs senior vice president of marketing. "Certainly there are realities of viral and Internet based world, but those are kinds of things we have to work through, get him out here and really have the opportunity to dig into those details."

Part of the Cavs' offer includes help with housing through Quicken Loans, although details of that are sketchy at this point, too.

"We know that with the position working at the Cavs and being an announcer, with that will come a housing need," said Jeff Perry, a vice president and regional manager for the Quicken Loans branch in Cleveland. "We’re going to help him in any way we can."

The Cavs were hoping to get Williams to Cleveland tonight for the game against the Raptors, but that won't be possible because of his obligations in New York.

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