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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Pacers In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 23, 2010

End 3Q: Pacers 83, Cavs 56
* Not much more to add to this. Now they're just playing out the final quarter. Cavs switched to a zone late in the quarter, that didn't seem to help.

* Cavs could set a slew of "worst since" tonight. As in, worst loss since .... Fewest points since ....

* Byron Scott may or may not admit this, but it sure feels as if his team is regressing at both ends of the floor.

Halftime: Pacers 62, Cavs 37
* Easily the worst half of the season. Close your eyes and throw a dart. The Cavs screwed it up in that half.

* Byron Scott was encouraged by the Cavs' practice on Tuesday, their communication and intensity on defense. He was hoping they'd turn a corner tonight. Well they haven't. The Pacers just dropped a 38-point second quarter on the Cavs, who were just as chatterless in this first half as they've been in all the rest.

* Here is the bigger problem: This is three consecutive games where the Cavs have taken themselves out of the game with a poor first half. They were only down 7 at the half at San Antonio, but it sure felt worse than that and things quickly unraveled in the second half. They were out of it by the half in New Orleans, too, and needed a ferocious rally in the fourth to make a game of it late.

* The Pacers are a nice little team that is quickly, quickly improving (just ask the Heat). But they're not the '96 Bulls.

* Over their last four quarters, the Cavs have scored a grand total of .... wait for it ..... 72 points. Or 10 more than the Pacers just scored in that half.

* Byron Scott sort of dismissed the plus/minus stat before the game, but it's still worth noting that the Cavs' worst four are all starters: Mo Williams, Anthony Parker, Jamario Moon (OK, a starter until tonight) and J.J. Hickson. Entering the night, Parker's was a fairly horrific (for a starting shooting guard) minus-75. At the half, it has dropped to minus-89.

End 1Q: Pacers 24, Cavs 16
* The Cavs look like the team that got in late following a big win over Miami, not the other way around. They started the game 1 for 9 with four turnovers, prompting one timeout and multiple disgusted looks from Byron Scott.

* J.J. Hickson still isn't boxing out. He got caught "watching the birds fly again" while two Pacers came up behind him for an offensive tip-in. He got caught again watching and lost a scramble for a rebound. Scott wants him to find a body and hit him before going up for the ball, but Hickson isn't doing that yet.

* The Graham-Moon swap hasn't made much of an impact yet. Graham didn't do much during his time, although Moon had a basket, a couple of free throws and a couple of rebounds.

* Overheard from the crowd just prior to tip-off: "Hey, where's LeBron?!" and "Byron's your best player!"

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