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Cavs pass on Shannon Brown option

By admin Published: November 1, 2007

Just posted this story about the Cavs not picking up Shannon Brown's option for next year.
This was a late decision. How late? Early in the day yesterday I heard the Cavs were going to pick it up. Sometime between then and midnight, the decision was made by the Cavs front office not to pick it up.
Shannon may end up proving the Cavs wrong on this one down the road. He has great athletic gifts and he's still developing. From what I understand, both he and his family took the decision very hard and are pretty upset about it.
It is not a great reflection on Danny Ferry, who made Brown his only first-round draft choice thus far in his tenure with the 25th overall pick last year. It would not be surprising if the Cavs look to trade him later on in the season.
Brown did not play well in summer league in my opinion, even though his scoring stats looked good. He scored a bunch of points in the preseason but did not handle the ball well, shoot the ball well or make good decisions. Last night he was 0-of-5 with two turnovers in five minutes.
The fact that Sasha Pavlovic is now back and under contract for three years probably had a lot to do with this decison.
The Cavs did pick up the option on Cedric Simmons.
More on it later.

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