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Cavs practice notes

By Jason Lloyd Published: September 28, 2010

VIDEO CAPTION: Cavs players Jamario Moon (No. 15), Christian Eyenga (orange jersey), Antawn Jamison (No. 4) and Jawad Williams (No. 31) shoot around at the end of practice today.

Jawad Williams jokingly asked for assistance to get from the interview area back to the locker room. Daniel Gibson was exhausted and participation in the optional post-practice shooting drills seemed to be significantly down today than in years' past.

The Cavs left their first day of practice Tuesday exhausted, which was new coach Byron Scott's plan all along.

Scott asked his players to come to camp in shape and they obliged. He was so impressed with his team's physical conditioning that he cut short some of the running they had planned. Gibson's jaw dropped when he heard there was actually more running initially planned.

"We started out running and we ended up running. That's what practice was all about," Gibson said. "As far as cutting something short, we didn't feel it as players. But thank you, Byron, if that's what happened."

Some NBA coaches prefer to divide their three hours a day of practice time into two-a-days. Scott doesn't see any merit to that, since guys just start to get going around 90 minutes when they would have to stop and come back later. He prefers to do it once a day, do it well and give the guys 24 hours to rest and recover before doing it all again.

Other notes...

* Samardo Samuels missed the final 30-45 minutes of practice with cramping, the only known casualty to all the running. He was given fluids and should be fine by Wednesday.

* Scott said he woke up at 4 a.m. ready to get to practice, but forced himself to stay in bed. He didn't arrive to the facility until about 8 a.m., he said.

* Scott didn't rule out the possibility of Antawn Jamison playing the 3 and JJ playing the 4. Interestingly, he said that was a more realistic scenario than JJ at center and Jamison at the 4. Initially, some people affiliated with the team didn't seem to like the idea of Jamison playing the 3. Apparently that might be changing.

* My story for Wednesday's Beacon Journal will touch on Jamison and others trying to replace LeBron James as the new small forward on the Cavaliers.

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