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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Raptors In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: October 29, 2010

End 3Q: Raptors 77, Cavs 55
* The Cavs are really missing Mo Williams and Anderson Varejao tonight. JJ Hickson's foul trouble is killing them, as is Ramon Sessions.

* Toronto's frontcourt is dominating the Cavs. Linas Kleiza has 19 points, center Andrea Bargnani has 16 and Reggie Evans has 14 rebounds. J.J. Hickson's foul trouble is crushing the Cavs. He's played just 14 minutes. Toronto's frontcourt has outscored the Cavs' 37-15, outrebounding them 20-17.

* Antawn Jamison had a great quarter with 11 points, and the Cavs are still trailing by 22.

* Sessions' no good, rotten, very bad night continues. He's now 1 of 10 with five turnovers and four assists.

* Cavs can't get a good look inside and can't knock down an outside shot (aside from Jamison). That's a bad combination against any team.

Half: Raptors 46, Cavs 38

* This is the worst Ramon Sessions has looked since getting here. He shined in the preseason and played well at Boston, but he's 1 of 7 in the half with one assist and five turnovers.

* It's not just Sessions. Cavs had a dreadful shooting quarter (6 of 21) and have just five assists compared to 12 turnovers.

* Byron Scott said a couple of weeks ago this offense isn't designed for a post player to dribble down a defender and muscle his way to the basket like Shaq would do in his prime. Yet with such little ball movement, that's exactly how the Cavs have have gotten a number of their looks inside and many of them are rattling out.

* J.J. Hickson picked the wrong night to have three fouls in the first half. With Varejao already missing, Leon Powe could be in line for more minutes in the second half.

* In a bit of a surprise, the Cavs miss Mo Williams a lot more tonight than they miss Andy Varejao right now. Ryan Hollins is playing well again at center with seven points, four rebounds and a block.

End 1Q: Raptors 24, Cavs 20

* The crisp ball movement was missing most of the quarter. The Cavs had just two assists and five turnovers. They started 5 of 14 before heating up late in the quarter.

* Leon Powe playing for the first time in the regular season thanks to Anderson Varejao's absence. Powe was active around the paint and had a couple of baskets, but it's hard to see him getting up and down the floor the way the Cavs need him to all season.

* The Raptors are finding the middle of the lane wide open far too often.

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