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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Suns In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: January 19, 2011

End 3Q: Suns 90, Cavs 77
* This is why the Suns are a veteran team and why the Cavs are young and struggling. They just got the deficit down to six when Ramon Sessions drove into the lane, jumped in the air and had nowhere to go. He threw it away to Vince Carter, who flipped it ahead to Grant Hill. Manny Harris tried to foul Hill, but didn't get enough of him and it turned into a bad foul and a three-point play. Within seconds, the six point deficit was back up to 11.

* Daniel Gibson is proving how tough he is despite his size. He came up with a great defensive play to stop an easy basket for Grant Hill, but he slammed his head into the padding under the hoop. Visibly shaken, he stayed in the game and stuck a 3 at the other end.

* Ramon Sessions has 15 points and eight assists, J.J. Hickson has 11 points and nine assists. Both have a chance at double-doubles, but in another losing effort.

Half: Suns 62, Cavs 49
* The Suns' point guards are killing the Cavs. Steve Nash and Goran Dragic have combined for 10 points and 12 assists. They're doing a tremendous job of breaking down the Cavs' defense and getting into the lane.

* One play late in the half summed up the Cavs' defensive problems. Alonzo Gee left Channing Frye on a pick and roll and was late getting back. He didn't drift more than three feet, but it was enough for Frye to get off a 3 -- which of course he sank.

* Antawn Jamison has 16 points, and he scored about nine of them in a three-minute burst late in the half. It cut a 15-point deficit down to eight, but the Suns stretched it back to 13 late in the quarter.

* The Suns managed to score 62 points in the half with Vince Carter going scoreless. So see? It could be worse...

End 1Q: Suns 36, Cavs 28
* Maybe this wasn't the night to start the renewed focus on defense. The Suns shot 57 percent for the quarter and Steve Nash had eight assists in 12 minutes.

* The Suns are getting into the lane way too easily against the Cavs, opening up all kinds of problems.

* Ramon Sessions had 10 points and two assists and continues to play well whenever he's on the floor.

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