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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Timberwolves In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: December 26, 2010

End 3Q: Cavs 73, Timberwolves 70
* Strange shooting night for Minnesota's Kevin Love. He has missed all four of his attempts, and missed on a jump shot so badly he might be hesitant to shoot again the rest of the night. He has four points, all at the line, and 11 rebounds.

* The Cavs did a little better job on Beasley in the quarter, giving him just four looks at the basket in eight minutes on the court.

* The Cavs had four offensive rebounds in the quarter and made 4 of 8 3-pointers to dig their way back in the lead.

* The turnovers continue to pile up for both teams. The Cavs now have 14 and the Timberwolves have 11.

Halftime: Timberwolves 51, Cavs 49
* The Timberwolves aren't a very good 3-point shooting team, but they're 6 of 11 in the first half. It's a big reason why they came all the way back to take the lead near the end of the second quarter. Opponents, whether they're good 3-point shooting teams or not, continue to torture the Cavs from long range.

* Turnovers are killing the Cavs. Mo Williams has four of them and Antawn Jamison and Anthony Parker each have three. They have 12 as a team already.

* The Cavs only attempted one 3-pointer in the quarter (they missed it) and they made a legitimate attempt to get inside. They have dominated the Timberwolves inside, outscoring them 30-12 for the game. They're going to have to stay in there because they've missed their last nine 3-point attempts.

* Michael Beasley is a high volume shooter. He needs a lot of shots to get his points. But when he heats up, watch out. Beasley had 13 in the second quarter and 22 for the half. It's helping cover for Love, who has missed all four of his attempts from the floor. His only two points came at the free-throw line.

End 1Q: Cavs 28, Timberwolves 17
* Apparently the Cavaliers remember the beatdown the Timberwolves handed them earlier this month. The Cavs have come ready to hand one back to them.

* The Cavs connected on their first three 3-pointers, but ended the quarter missing their next eight. Time to get back to driving to the basket.

* Mo Williams (11 points) and Antawn Jamison (9 points) combined to outscore the Timberwolves. Jamison also wrestled away a rebound from Kevin Love -- that rarely happens -- before falling hard on his left knee and getting up limping. Jamison was really favoring the knee, but waived off a sub when Byron Scott asked. Will be worth monitoring the rest of the night.

* The Cavs shot 52 percent for the quarter, but turned it over five times. They may have a double-digit lead now, but the Timberwolves have explosive scorers and can be right back in the game on two possessions.

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