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Cavs trade, the remix

By Jason Lloyd Published: May 29, 2011

Apparently I need to clarify my earlier post, since I just returned home a little bit ago to a pile of e-mails reminding me how stupid I am.

Public consensus seems to be that Kyrie Irving and Derrick Williams are the two clear-cut stars of this draft, head and shoulders above everyone else. And if the Cavs were anguished over which one to take, it would make plenty of sense for the Cavs to trade up to No. 2, thereby ensuring they'd get both of them.

Unfortunately, that isn't exactly true. After the combine, Williams isn't the unanimous choice at No. 2 anymore.

Enes Kanter had a tremendous combine and is skyrocketing up teams' draft boards. There is a strong possibility he could be drafted second, whether the Timberwolves keep the pick or ultimately trade it. My point about the Cavs not setting their draft board yet, and not definitively settling on Irving quite yet, means there is plenty for them to discuss over the next few weeks about ALL of the draft-eligible players.

Kanter is intriguing to a lot of teams. Jonas Valanciunas has nice upside, but a messy European contract that could scare off buyers. Williams had brilliant moments in college, but also disappeared for long stretches in games, which should (and does) concern teams picking at the top. Not to mention his insistence at the combine that he's a small forward, even though the rest of the league views him as a power forward. In short, there are a couple flags with Williams teams are looking into.

Let's be clear: It's better than 95 percent the Cavs are going to take Kyrie Irving at No. 1. They just haven't completed all of their research yet, and therefore aren't ready to say so definitively. But they're taking their time on their draft board and haven't made any decisions yet beyond Irving at No. 1. There are other candidates outside of Derrick Williams to consider.

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