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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs vs. 76ers

By admin Published: December 15, 2007

Starting lineups
76ers: Andre Miller, Willie Green, Andre Iguodala, Reggie Evans, Samuel Dalembert Cavs: Eric Snow, Sasha Pavlovic, LeBron James, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas
Officials Mark Wunderlich, Derek Richardson, Tony Brown
--Daniel Gibson is out after getting hit in the mouth by Jason Kidd in the second half Friday. That may be why he didn't score in the second half. --The Sixers have been playing pretty well of late and have some good young players you may not of heard of. Louis Williams is a bright guard prospect and Jason Smith has been a really good rookie for them off the bench. --Sixers are another team that supposedly has trouble scoring, especially in the front court. We'll see if the Cavs actually play defense tonight or not. On the board in the locker room before the game one of the coachs wrote: "Defensive Pride???" We'll see.
Halftime -- 76ers 51, Cavs 46
--The Cavs aren't doing a whole lot right tonight. Their execution level across the board is very low. Last night in the fourth quarter they did a lot of standing around on offense and it has carried over to tonight. They do have 13 assists and Eric Snow has five, they've had good possessions, but many bad ones. --The bad possessions and long shots and rebounds have really let the Sixers get out and run. And with Andre Miller and Louis Williams, they know how. Try 22 fastbreak points in the first half. That is a great number for a game. Cavs transition defense is what is terrible tonight, in the halfcourt they haven't been too bad. The 76ers had 18 fastbreak points in the second quarter alone. Man, that may be the most I've ever seen in a quarter from a team other than Phoenix. --Miller, who has 16 points, really pushes the ball up the floor so well. Plus he knows how to get fouls and how to score. You can say he's not a great shooter, but neither is Jason Kidd. --Anderson Varejao just isn't getting to loose balls, he is really looking sluggish. 13 minutes and one rebound, but beyond that he just isn't getting his hands on balls he usually does and it happened last night, too. Guess this is getting into basketball shape. --When all Larry Hughes does is take jumpers he is going to look bad. That is all he's done the last two nights and he's 4-of-20. Maybe I am wrong, but he looks like he's favoring the left leg a little bit. I am not sure of that. Also, Mike Brown put him at point guard for a few minutes in the second quarter which made him so unhappy he immediately dribbled a ball off his foot. --LeBron is one his way to a good night but he hasn't been able to get to the line yet. Andre Iguodala is in foul trouble and LeBron should go at him early in the half and attempt to get him out of the game.
Postgame -- 76ers 92, Cavs 86 Stars Sam Dalembert, 16 points, 19 rebounds Andre Miller, 20 points, five assists Andre Iguodala, 20 points, four steals Drew Gooden, 21 points, 10 rebounds
--The 76ers shot 12-of-40 in the second half on the road and won this game. Tonight this blog must focus on offense, I guess. Just shows how out of rhythm the Cavs are right now because they were pretty darn good in halfcourt defense tonight. --This was LeBron's first bad game since the opener. I don't know if it was an energy issue after playing last night, but he was passive LeBron. We've seen it before just like we've seen standing around on offense before. He had just two baskets in the second half and one was a freebie at the end. The Cavs had just four points in the paint in the second half, one was the freebie. He has just one free throw, a major indication of how he was playing. --The 76ers trapped LeBron on pick-and-rolls, which is only effective when he doesn't attack. Tonight after the first quarter he didn't. They may congratulate themselves for great defense and give them credit because the scheme worked, but this was more about LeBron stopping himself in my opinion. --All that said, he is entitled to have an off game every now and then. It just can't happen on a night when Shannon Brown, Larry Hughes and Sasha Pavlovic go 6-of-28. Sasha is back to airballing big shots again, safe to say his confidence is messed up. Way, way, way too many jumpers overall. That is all they took in the second half, can't win that way. --Starting to wonder what is happening to the Cavs' rebounding. Varejao actually played much better in the second half but the Cavs again got pounded on the boards and it made a major difference. Seems like they are out of position a lot. --The Cavs are surely in a terrible streak here and they better start getting concerned. They are also not a complete team. But save the overreactions for later, it is a long season. But as you'll see from the quotes, there is reason to find urgency.
Quotes LeBron: "I'm very concerned, we're not playing good basketball. Right now we are not a very good team. It looked good (Tuesday) but a loss to New Jersey and a loss at home puts things in perspective. We've got a lot of work to do. We're just not a good team, simple as that. It has to be (fixable) or we'll be 15th in the Eastern Conference soon." Mike Brown: "We had a couple wide open looks at the didn't go in that took the wind out of. Right now we're reeling a little bit because of the losses that we've had."

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