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Cavs vs. Atlanta Hawks: Pre-Game Part I

By George Thomas Published: May 5, 2009

I realize that some of you may have thought I dropped or hoped even that I fell off the face of the Earth. So sorry to disappoint some of you, but with the Cavs having enough time to tour Europe after their win over the Detroit Pistons, not a lot of real news came out of the organization until yesterday.
Let's just say that there was nothing contrived, phony or insincere about LeBron returning to Akron St. Vincent-St. Mary to accept the league's MVP award. Here's a couple of takes from those close to him on the team:

I think it was real. The words that he spoke. The people that he thanked. It was kind of genuine. You could feel it in the room that he was sincere in what he was saying. - Mo Williams.
I was more in awe of the setting than anything else.  It was just a great idea to pick St. Vincent-St. Mary, especially in the gym with the banners up and the jersey and all of that. It was a little bit like Hoosiers.  Obviously the fans will be ecstatic; they’ve supported us in everything we’ve done all year. They’re going to be into it.  I think LeBron and everybody else will look forward to that tip off more than anything else. - Coach Mike Brown.
I could go on about how moving everything was at St. V-St M, but I won't pile on.  I would be remiss, however, if I didn't mention one part of his ceremony that really got to me.  It's when he thanked his mother, Gloria James, the single parent that raised him.  I could appreciate the circumstance because my mother raised two boys to be men alone, but with a little help.
On a lighter note:  James, who gave credit to his teammates for the award, joked that the trophy belonged to all of them, but he was going to keep it at his house.  He also forgot to bring it back for a pre-game ceremony that will honor him.
Other than that, I couldn't say it much better than the Beacon Journal's Pat McManamon here.
Mo's ready
Mo Williams had an inconsistent series against the Detroit Pistons.  The point guard today said it wasn't a matter of confidence, but experience or lack thereof.  Williams may be right.  The Pistons series was just his second as a pro and he admitted that in his first - as a Milwuakee Buck - they were just happy to be there.  Now things are different.
It’s just experience.  It was just more experience being in a playoff series.  I’m more comfortable going into tonight’s game than I was going into the first game of the playoffs.
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