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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cavs-Warriors In-Game Report

By Jason Lloyd Published: January 7, 2011

End 3Q: Warriors 88, Cavs 77
* Figures. As soon as I write that Manny Harris is looking tentative, he gets more aggressive at both ends of the floor. Harris had a couple rebounds and a couple of nice baskets, attacked the basket and stepped into a passing lane for a steal late in the quarter. All of a sudden, he's got 16 points in the game. Next time I'll just keep my mouth shut.

* J.J. Hickson is really playing well tonight. Was interested to see how he would respond after skipping a practice and serving a one game suspension. He's responded with 14 points, 8 rebounds.

* Samardo Samuels has only played six minutes to this point. Was hoping to see a little more of him. Scott said this morning he was close to being ready a few days ago.

Half: Warriors 65, Cavs 49
* The Cavs are putting up a gritty effort, but simply lack the firepower to match the explosive Warriors. Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams each have 12 points. They're battling.

* J.J. Hickson has four rebounds in 11 minutes. Coming off his one game suspension, that's a good sign.

* Christian Eyenga can soar. Strap seats to his back and sell tickets type of flying. I still don't know if the kid can play in the NBA or not, but my goodness can he leap and block shots.

* Don't be surprised if Eyenga starts Sunday at Phoenix in place of Alonzo Gee. Byron Scott said before the game he might rotate those two guys. Gee hasn't done much in 13 minutes tonight. Eyenga's numbers aren't great, but he's done some things to show up on the court.

* Manny Harris could eventually figure this all out. But the more he plays right now, the more tentative and unsure he looks. His numbers look fine tonight (2 of 3 from the floor, 5 pts, 2 assists and 2 rebounds), but there's just something about the way he moves. He looked more confident during the preseason.

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