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Cavs-Wizards In-game report

By Jason Lloyd Published: November 6, 2010

End 3Q: Cavs 76, Wizards 76
* The third quarter has been a problem for Cavs this season and it was so again. An eight-point halftime lead quickly became a deficit because the Cavs just stopped attacking the rim. They started the quarter 3 of 17 from the floor before finally getting inside a little bit near the end of the quarter to tie the game.

* Mo Williams had a free layup waiting for him early in the quarter, but elected to pull up for a 3 and he clanked it. It began a disturbing trend of the Cavs failing to get anything of substance out of their halfcourt offense. The Cavs attacked in transition, but too many of their looks out of the offense came from the outside. Most of them were misses, including a pair of air balls.

* Washington's JaVale McGee gets a lot of the credit for the Cavs' problems inside, although he got away with a goaltending. But he has three blocks and nine rebounds and is doing a nice job of filling the middle on both ends.

* Williams has 16 points, but he has missed on all five of his 3-pointers.

* J.J. Hickson is having a night to forget. He's 3 of 9 shooting with a pair of rebounds. That's it.

* Ryan Hollins is picking up where Anderson Varejao left off last night. Hollins has 11 points and is playing well.

Halftime: Cavs 59, Wizards 51
* Daniel Gibson is having another great night. Ten points at the half and he's only missed one shot.

* The same isn't true of J.J. Hickson, who aside from one brief spurt in the second quarter has not played well. Hickson is just 2 of 7, he only has two rebounds and he was blocked so badly by JaVale McGee in the first half that it looked like a spike in volleyball.

* John Wall tore down the length of the floor in 2.1 seconds at the end of the half. He had a great dunk at the buzzer, but it came a half-second too late and didn't count. This is what Byron Scott meant before the game when he called Wall "a blur." Cavs have done well to keep him in check, although he has six assists and three turnovers. He had nine turnovers last night against the Knicks.

* Cavs are shooting 57 percent (25 of 44) and have 13 assists. Not bad.

End 1Q: Wizards 28, Cavs 27
* Both teams are shooting well to start the game. The Wizards had great ball movement in the quarter, with eight assists on 10 baskets. John Wall had half of those assists.

* Anderson Varejao hit his first two shots and has now hit 12 in a row dating back to last night's perfect 10 for 10 performance. Byron Scott has seen Varejao hit consistently from 16 and 17 feet in practice and wants him to shoot those when he's open. That's particuarly important in the Princeton offense, which often pulls the center out from under the basket. Varejao will have many chances to shoot around the top of the key and beyond.

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