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Cavs: Yeah, on That Issue of Privacy

By George Thomas Published: November 11, 2009

So we're back to that privacy issue.   This time as it related to Shaquille O'Neal. For those who missed the TMZ report O'Neal's wife has filed papers in a California court asking for a legal separation.  She fled their Orlando area home with their kids and loaded up and moved to Cali.
No comments here other than the facts.  And O'Neal, as anyone could understand, has asked for understanding:

As announced today, Shaunie has filed for separation.  Obviously, this is a difficult time for our family, and we request that the media respect our privacy.  I will continue to focus on being there for our children and I am confident that Shaunie will do the same.
'Nuff said on that.  Nothing else will be said here.
Ahead of the Orlando game
Dwight Howard should be nice and surly.   A post on his website got the Magic center a 15K fine from the league for criticizing referees.  (Is it me or has the NBA been a bit anal about that this year?):
''I was on the floor for 16 minutes and fouled out!!! Let me say that again: 17 minutes and six fouls!!! How can that be, ya'll? It was crazy," Howard said on his personal blog. "They called me for a charge on a flop, a push off when the defender was on me and two fouls on blocked shots.
"Man, 16 minutes is a lifetime low for me I think. I haven't played that little in a game since I was 10 years old in pee-wee ball. It was crazy from the start of the game all the way to when I fouled out with about 4 minutes to play.
"What really bothers me is they are letting guys hammer me at one end of the floor, yet I'm being called for everything. All of those hits take a toll on my body after a while."
For that, Howard is lighter in the wallet today.  Heaven forbid what happens when any player offers real criticism of officials.
All-Star Stuff
It's All-Star ballot time (yes, already) and here are the nuts and bolts of it this year:
There are several ways fans can cast their votes, including: at each NBA arena; in 20 languages on; and through mobile phones by texting the player’s last name to 6-9-6-2-2 (“MYNBA”), via Web2Go® on T-Mobile phones or for any wireless carrier. A T-Mobile-branded All-Star Balloting widget will also be available on so that fans can “grab” the widget and place it on their blogs, social network pages, or personal Web sites allowing others to vote directly from the widget. Paper balloting will continue through Jan. 10, while wireless balloting and voting on will conclude Jan. 18. Starters will be announced live on TNT on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2010.
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