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Sharing the punching bag

By admin Published: December 22, 2006

In-san-i-ty n. : Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
So the Cavs got a little red-faced by the Pistons last night. It is nothing to get worked up over, it is the same stuff I've been bellowing for weeks about. Bad offense, the toughening of the schedule, etc., etc.
By the way, was I the only one to notice that Larry Hughes hurt his ankle again? I guess so since no one mentioned it in any story and it isn't on any message board I've seen.
Anyway, What seems to be especially painful is that the Cavs had the exact same issues last May. But, then why would anything be different, it is the same team. I was impressed with some facets of the new offense early on, but it has dried up. I wrote about it weeks ago here. If they don't make jumpers or get a bunch of fastbreak points, they don't have much of a chance.
So, as I said before, I have nothing new to add at this point, because nothing has changed. So I will empty my mail here:
Jerry from Georgia writes:
Coach Brown, a good guy who keeps his cool and has the Cavs hustling, is being out-coached play after play on the offensive end. I am not an expert, but I have coached some basketball in various venues, and can see obvious things. While the Nets and Pistons were isolating and spacing such that passes and drives to inside people would appear with patience, the Cavs would be bunched up time after time leaving no space for passes or drives, and allowing defenses to easily cover players. The only things this type of offense does are ensure three point attempts and second chances on the offensive boards. I think we will find the Cavs high in both categories, especially second attempt put backs.
BW: Mike is an excellent defensive coach. His weakness has so far proven to be his offense.
Steve from Arizona says:
Once again you mention no productivity from Hughes ,Wild Thing and each game it is different except for Snow. Is it such a given that he will never produce offensively that you never mention it.This puts a burden on everybody to make the differenceup.Once again in any other city the beat writer would be all over this obvious flaw with Snow .His age and lack of production are going to age LB a lot quicker.If you do not guard gibson he will dunk on you. If you took the plus minus of Snow verses all the point guards he played against and it would be staggering. I know he is a nice guy but these are facts not personal attacks.
BW: Yes, but I didn't mention the zero production from Donyell Marshall, Daniel Gibson and Damon Jones either. I agree Snow is a siutational defender at best at this point in his career. But he is still the team's best point guard other than LeBron.
James A. says:
Larry, Larry, Larry...why don't you just pack it in and go home? Every time someone passes you the ball doesn't necessarily mean you have to shoot it right away. Come on, dawg. Drive and dish. Drive and shoot. Pass it back out. One thing has been proven through the years, you are not a jump shooter. Play to your strengths. Otherwise, those low FG% shots are going to take the Cavs down. I'd rather have Pavs out there shooting where you typically shoot. And another thing is pretty evident, you certainly can not make a basket with a guy in front of you out there. Pump fake, take a couple of steps closer, and then take a clear shot at the basket.
BW: Hughes' jumper was pretty good in the preseason and before he was injured, in fact I think he was shooting like 45 or 47 percent. But since he's returned it has been flat except for one game. He seems to be looking for it rather than finding other ways.
Tim from Cleveland adds:
The Cavs 4th qtr performance last night against Detroit was about as pathetic as any nba performance I have seen, and we've seen some bad basketball. LeBron needs to take some blame for the apathy of the team. And, I especially noticed this last night, and kind of had an epiphany, but he is as much to blame for the offensive ineptness as anyone else. When he gets the ball, he tends to hold it forever and wait for a double-team to come so he can pass, or the shot clock runs out and he jacks up a bad shot. He doesn't come off screens decisively, he can't post up smaller players and he basically slows everything down when he gets the ball. Now, most of the players around him stink and that's a big problem, but he needs to mature as a player as well.
BW: I think you are right to a degree. Not all of it is his fault, he has to be put in a position to be successful.
Ben from Ravenna writes:
When the Cavaliers hired Dan Rosenbaum (stats consultant) I thought they were taking a major step forward in player and team evaluations. However they don't seem to be using him at all. All the numbers point to Snow and Gooden being a horrible combination in the starting lineup. Snow starting is worse on the offense and defense believe it or not. Gooden when matched with Jones is extremely effective.
BW: I have to admit, I've seen the numbers and I can't defend it at this juncture.

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Garden State, garden variety

By admin Published: December 19, 2006

Newark, NJ -- Going over a few things since we last spoke:

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Oops, they did it again

By admin Published: December 12, 2006

Oklahoma City -- Here we go again.  Seems like I keep writing the same story in different towns on different days.  Last night the Cavs get beat by the Hornets here.  Mike Brown says it is because of bad defense.  LeBron James says it is because he smartly passed the ball and his teammates didn't make jumpers "they usually make" and they'll get 'em next time.

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Cut LeBron? Really?

By admin Published: December 8, 2006

Henry Abbott, who runs perhaps the best NBA blog on the web in Truehoop, broke this story today about LeBron James.  If you don't want to go to the link, Henry has had several sources tell him at least three USA Basketball coaches wanted to cut LeBron James after the first few days of Team USA training camp last summer in Las Vegas.  Henry reports they were overruled by Jerry Colangelo.

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Sign this

By admin Published: December 2, 2006

Houston -- I've never been much of an autograph buff.  Even when I was a kid and collecting various sports artifacts like baseball cards and the like, I never got too much into them.  Obviously, though, they are a major business and all.  It never ceases to amaze me the hounds that stake out arena entrances and exits and hotels to get autographs.  They'll stand there for hours in hopes of landing one, which doesn't seem to be like a worthwhile time investment.

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