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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers: Different Perspectives

By George Thomas Published: October 6, 2008

First, let's deal with the two-ton elephant in this cyber room if you will.  I ain't Brian Windhorst.  Although he and I possess the same physique, I've got about 13 years on him and I have a much better tan - much better.  I'd like to say he's a friend. He's taught me a few things about hoops and the Cavs in particular, but he and I are different people.  So, by all means, feel free to bash me in different ways.  That being said, let's take a look at what's happening with the Cavaliers in the NBA and a couple of things fans may want to check out:
First stop John Hollinger  at and his look at the Cavaliers and their prospects for the season.  I've never been one for trying to predict how sports teams will perform in any given season.  Why? Look at the Cleveland Browns right now.  Nor can you ever account for X factors such as team chemistry.
No one knows what effect that the addition of Mo Williams will have on the Cavs.  Judging from just one performance Saturday, the upside will have fans salivating.  Williams brings a dimension that the team's not seen since Andre Miller wore the wine and and blue.  Hollinger in his preview expects the Cavs to be a five seed for the playoffs. Yours truly can only say:  we shall see.  He may have something with this thought, however:

Filling out the rotation is Pavlovic, who has had four absolutely horrible pro seasons and one halfway decent one. Anybody want to take odds on how this season turns out?
Looking for just a little insight into who Mo Wiliams is?  Take a look at this piece  from the Cleveland Free Time's Vince Grzegorek - a little over a month in town and Williams is already enjoying a local delicacy - pierogies.  Yes, there's more to it than the fact that Williams enjoys ethnic foods.  After the debacle that was Larry Hughes, it's refreshing to hear someone brought here to help LeBron James talk about playing as part of a team.
There's been a lot of speculation - LOTS - about LeBron Jamesleaving the Cavs for pastures that may not necessarily be greener, but more in the spotlight.  Holding court on Media Day last week, James, the Akron native tried to end speculation.  Will those words suffice?  Some would say that you handle politicians and athletes the same way - you take what they say with a healthy dose of skepticism.  But since signing his contract, James consistently has said he's happy here.
It's quite evident they have an owner in Dan Gilbert, for whom money is no object (the team has one of the highest payrolls in the NBA) and when James' contract is up in 2010, the team will have a pile of cash under the salary camp.  Realistically speaking, however, the speculation won't end until James re-signs or leaves.
Gilbert knows this, but still his remarks related to James' leaving made a bit of news nationally.  So much so that it set off the snark-o-meter of Lang Whitaker on his Slam Magazine blog.  Yes, the next two years will be tons of fun.
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