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Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland Cavaliers - Different Perspectives

By George Thomas Published: November 6, 2008

Well, someone is taking notice of what the Cavaliers are doing.  One thing that has been noticeable duing the first couple of weeks of the season is that this Cavaliers team is far more balanced and the bench has more depth.  Consider if you will the fact that a couple years ago, Mike Brown often called Sasha Pavlovic's number first off the bench.  He has virtually vanished thus far this year.

One thing you'll notice as you take in a Cavaliers game this season is that this is no longer the LeBron James show. Sure, LeBron's going to be called upon to make big plays at big times, but much like the L.A. Lakers and Kobe Bryan, the Cavaliers have tried to surround LeBron with enough quality pieces that he won't have to carry the team for 48 minutes every night.
The BIG buzz from yesterday wasn't the Cavaliers playing the Bulls, it was how LeBron James felt about Barack Obama being elected president for some reason.  My colleague, Patrick McManamon had James' take on what happened.

He supported the candidate of his choice, which is his right.  He appreciated the emotions of his family, which is to be respected.  And he understood the impact of Obama's election.

After two consecutive games where he played impressively, it finally looks as if Mo Williams is finding his spot within the Cavaliers.  At least one local blogger, Matt Loede, believes that James finally has his Robin in the point guard acquired in an off-season trade.

The Cavaliers have wanted a long time for a Robin for their Batman, with that Batman of course being LeBron James.  After taking in Monday night's 100-81 win over the Dallas Mavericks on the road, it seems more evident that they may have finally found that player.   Hello, Mo Williams.

It remains to be seen whether Williams is actually The One, but he, unlike other players who tried to fill that role, is at least showing promise.  It doesn't hurt that the rest of James' supporting cast has been upgraded.

I recently wrote about Ben Wallace and his how he's turned his game up a notch.  That trend continued against the Bulls last night as he pulled in double digits in rebounds for the second consecutive game.   Branson Wright, the Plain Dealer's former Cavs beat writer and current blogger thinks it's time for Wallace to come off the bench.

Wallace showed signs of slowing down last season and during this preseason with lower back pain. Against the Celtics in the season opener, Wallace had two points and four rebounds in 19 minutes.

For another perspective on Wallace, check out Bob Finnan's piece in The News-Herald, a paper where I once toiled.

Is it time for Big Ben to come off the bench?  It's too early in the season to tell, but the fact remains that he knows his role on the Cavs and it's Rodmanesque.  He's not going to go out and score points, his job is defense and rebounds.  The Cavaliers have scorers.  If Wallace is protecting the middle and rebounding, that's all he needs to do.

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