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By admin Published: May 12, 2006

Prepare for some condescending opinions...

--The Cavs have no chance in the series with the Pistons.  You knew this before the series started, you know it now.  Don't get all upset about it and let it ruin your month.  The Pistons can beat them any way they want.  Accept it, learn from it and move on.  Cavs had a breakthrough season.

--The Pistons are a jump shot team, a very good one at that, filled with players that can post up but would prefer to shoot jumpers and want to drive by would prefer to get fouled or pull up than actually finish at the rim.  Why the Cavs give them so much respect by backing off them and double-teaming them, I don't know.  In general I think the entire league gives the Pistons too much respect, which is another way of saying the play scared.

--Speaking of too much respect, as I pointed out in this story, Ben Wallace didn't get a foul until there were eight minutes left in Game 2.   He also didn't have any blocks.  This is very simple to figure out, the Cavs didn't even think about challenging him.  I know he's a great player and he erases shots at the rim but LeBron James is a great player too and he finishes shots at the rim.  If you're going to do down, go down fighting.

--Donyell Marshall didn't say anything that anyone should have a problem with.  I elected to totally ignore this story because it is a non-story.  I was standing there when Donyell made the comment and my thought was "yes, you are correct, Donyell." Now there are some talking heads that think he is a cancer or something.  Nonsense!

--LeBron James trashtalked Gilbert Arenas and columnists with nothing else to write about a week later are still buzzing about it.   This stuff goes on non-stop in NBA games, especially playoff games.  Actually the worst stuff said comes from the bench when opposing players are near.  This just happened to be directly caught on camera between the two big stars so it became a big deal.  I've been going on radio shows and talking about this around the nation and honestly I think it is memorable and high-profile but still another non-story in the grand scheme.  Please, everyone get some damn perspective.

--I've been getting steadily ripped for my fidelity to Zydrunas Ilgauskas all season after his relatively woeful playoff performance.  Z has been bad by his standards and it has hurt the team.  Why this is the way he plays when he's waited so long to get to the playoffs I don't know.  But I still say he's not used correctly in the half court because the Cavs' offense is a mystery.  Anderson Varejao looks good when the Cavs are in transition, but he's useless in the halfcourt.  The halfcourt is where Z should shine and where the Cavs are getting beat by Detroit.  I continue to say he needs to get the ball more in the halfcourt, it's the only chance the Cavs have.

--Speaking of players I've defended all season, I've grown tired of hearing about how when Eric Snow is playing it's 4-on-5 offensively.  Well when Ben Wallace plays it's 4-on-5 offensively for Detroit and they seem to be doing OK.

--I don't always agree with Scoop Jackson, but his perspective in this piece should be understood by Cavs fans.

--This a late add, but I think this is great stuff.  Not just because a guy who has made like $130 million is accused of shoplifting, it may or may not be true.  But because it is totally right out of Sopranos when Tony rips off some Armani sunglasses from Johnny Sack's brother, the civilian optometrist, earlier this season.

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