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Dear LeBron, Please Help Clean Up My Mess, Love Isiah

By George Thomas Published: February 4, 2010

Just when the New York Knicks thought they were done with Isiah Thomas - the former NBA great has been living in college basketball purgatory coaching Florida International - the former New York Knicks guru had to voice his opinion on LeBron James' potential free agency.
For the record, Zeke, as he was known during his plaing days, is all for James migrating to the Big Apple once he can become a free agent.   Then perhaps James can turn the Knicks around and make the starving fans of New York forget how Thomas single handedly turned it into the Washington Generals of the NBA.
Thankfully, several New York writers understand the importance of his endorsement.
From Josh Alper of NBC New York:

You have to wonder, though, if they really want to have Isiah Thomas as part of their marketing campaign. The man who proved that the Knicks were not too big to fail is certainly the kind of person whose advice you listen to with a smile and a nod of the head before doing the exact opposite.
From Will Leitch of New York Magazine:
Florida International head coach Isiah Thomas, whom we vaguely remember hanging around here at some point (mostly in spastic flashbacks scored by Creedence Clearwater Revival songs), has decided he wants to help the Knicks. He's decided he's going to talk to LeBron James for us.
Here's the question:  do you really want to take career advice from this guy?
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