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Devin Brown, Shawn Marion & more

By admin Published: September 28, 2007

--The impending signing of Devin Brown for the Cavs is a solid one for several reasons. First off, Brown can play three positions and over his career he's defended every position but center. No, he is not great at any of them. He is not a great shooter, great ball handler or super athletic. He is a willing defender and a good character guy, which the Cavs put a high priority on. In addition, he is a good value. He's coming off a career year with the Hornets -- who didn't need him as much after signing Morris Peterson, Jannero Pargo and getting Peja Stojakovic back -- yet the Cavs will not be spending much. From what I understand, he will be making more than the NBA minimum, but less than the Cavs paid David Wesley ($1.75 million) last year. Considering all of that, it is a low-risk signing. In addition, it will give the Cavs depth at the position. It may seem like overkill at the guard spots, but it will give them some additional breathing room there. They may need it.
I know that some fans will contend that Devin Brown is no Mike Bibby and not the impact point guard most feel the Cavs need. I agree with that, but the Bibby deal is gone and Brown is a quality addition. Again, the Cavs are not done working with their roster. They have roster spots open and that is valuable these days. Danny Ferry is still looking to make a major trade, it is very possible the team will look different by midseason.
--Shawn Marion, who has jumped in and demanded a trade from the Phoenix Suns, would potentially be a great fit in Cleveland. He can spread the floor for LeBron James, he plays defense and he's a strong offensive option. In addition, for years the Suns have liked Drew Gooden and went after him last summer. The Cavs also have devices to reduce the Suns payroll, which is always a priority for owner Robert Sarver and seems to often be more important that the talent in Phoenix deals. Plus the Suns would rather trade Marion east. But stop right there before you get ahead of yourself, it probably will not happen. The reason Marion wants out is because he wants an extension, one would assume a max extension, and the Suns don't want to talk. Marion's agent is Dan Fegan, who the Cavs are currently battling with over Anderson Varejao. It would be hard to justify giving Marion a huge extension before you know if he fits but it is also hard to believe the Cavs would put themselves in a position where Fegan could exercise extreme leverage over them. Oh, and one more thing: If Marion isn't happy playing with Steve Nash, one of the greatest distributors of this era, how could he be happy playing with LeBron? Or, for that matter, his stated wish of playing with Kobe Bryant?
--Which brings us to Varejao and Sasha Pavlovic. With the signing of Devin Brown, Pavlovic's role on the team may be in flux, especially if he does something like hold out. Varejao appears to he headed toward taking the qualifying offer, which means he's going to be taking an extreme risk as has been discussed on this board before. Not to mention setting the scene for a potentially stormy season.

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